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The AI Imperative: Pioneering Banking, Financial Services and Insurance sector with Smart Product Engineering 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has proved its significance in almost every domain. Today every professional has somehow experienced the power of AI in some or the other way. So clearly today the concern for almost all business executives, is “how to leverage AI?” and “when to implement it? 

How to Navigate the AI Transformation in Insurance: Strategies for Success

The shift towards AI is particularly transformative in claims management. AI algorithms are revolutionizing how claims are processed, making them faster and more accurate.

The State of Banking and Insurance: Five Key Take Aways from Our Study

Digital transformation has shaped the world at a different level. It made the market even more competitive and dynamic in nature. Every industry wants to upgrade their business through technological advancements. Especially financial and insurance sectors. 

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NOVA TALKS NOVA TALKS is a meeting place for managers, decision-makers and everyone curious about the topic of Artificial Intelligence (AI). The one-day conference promises a deep exploration into the topic, fostering interaction with leading researchers and practitioners. Attendees will find inspiration for practical applications, gain a nuanced understanding of AI’s future implications, and have...

Strategic Forsight: How AI is Redefining the Banking, Financial Services and Insurance Landscape in 2024

As we are in the last quarter of 2023, the most prevailing question that occurs in the mind of C-level executives is the unfolding secrets of 2024. Within two months of its introduction, ChatGPT…


AMdag AMdag is a conference for insurers and independent financial advisors, providing a platform where industry professionals come together to exchange insights and work together to move the market forward. Read more on the conference TED talk with Van Ameyde and Flyct Our contribution to that effort is a 15-minute TED talk together with Jeremy van...

Breakfast Seminar: How AI revolutionizes Customer Service

About the seminar Complit invites to an insightful breakfast seminar on how AI is changing the rules of the game in the customer service industry and pushing us in an innovative direction. The seminar is a fantastic opportunity to explore the endless possibilities that AI brings to customer service and learn more about how AI...

How to succeed in the age of AI Insurance: Transforming the Future of Work Today

These digital-first insurers are transforming the industry with their forward-thinking approaches and tech-savvy solutions.   The…