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Simplifai and Contemi partner to bring strategic AI Automation to TT Forsikring.

Simplifai, the secure AI Automation provider, and Contemi Solutions, trusted financial technology provider to insurance, asset and wealth management, banking and capital markets industries, announced the latest customer acquisition, TT Forsikring, a Norwegian Insurance Provider. Together, they will take TT Forsikring into a new era of operational excellence and customer service innovation. TT Forsikring, an...

Profitability Through Innovation: The Impact of AI in Insurance

In today’s fiercely competitive insurance market, staying ahead of the curve is not just about offering the best policies. It’s about optimizing profitability in a sector that is sensitive to the slightest shifts in market dynamics.

Flyct Customer Story

We really like the slogan ‘Make humans more human’. It’s not just about doing a lot of work with fewer people; it’s about doing the work well with the right people and giving employees the chance to develop themselves. JEREMy van vugtmanager business development AT flyct letselschade Simplifai takes time for each step and tries...

Simplifai and Kairee Systems Join Forces to Expand its Footprint in the Indian BFSI Sector 

In a significant move aimed at enhancing their market presence, Simplifai, a trailblazer in automation solutions, has announced a reseller partnership with Kairee Systems, one of India's largest players in high-speed scanners and document management solutions.
Simplifai and Kairee Systems Join Forces to Expand its Footprint in the Indian BFSI Sector

Customer-story : Knif Trygghet

We ended up choosing Simplifai in this phase of our road to using AI. We looked for someone that could help us implement something quickly, with an easy-to-use functionality.” SIRI KALVATNCOO & DIRECTOR OF IT AND SUSTAINABILITY AT KNIF TRYGGHET  We believe that AI will be a well-integrated part in the way we work, and...

Simplifai’s 2023: A Year of Growth and Transformation

As the year draws to a close, Simplifai Co-founder and CPO Erik Leung reflects on major achievements, new beginnings and challenges, while looking towards a promising 2024. 

Role of the CTO in Building a Technologically Advanced Company   

In the rapidly evolving landscape of AI-driven businesses, the role of the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) has become more critical than ever.

Strategic Alliance: Simplifai and MBM Newtech Partner to Revolutionize BFSI Sector with AI Solutions

Simplifai, a leading AI solution provider, has inked a reseller partnership deal with MBM Newtech, a premier consulting firm. This collaboration marks a new era in providing cutting-edge AI solutions to the BFSI sector in the India region where both companies have established a formidable presence. 
Simplifai and MBM Partnership

Empowering Business Growth with Simplifai’s Advanced AI Automation Solutions and Data Privacy Commitment 

Over the past couple years, AI is the biggest shift in how we do business. It enhances decision-making, provides personalized customer experience, and streamlines operation for greater competitive advantage, and more. The ripple effect of this empowerment is the acceleration of innovation across the board, levelling the field for smaller players to compete effectively.
Empowering Business Growth with Simplifai's Advanced AI Automation Solutions and Data Privacy Commitment