Give your organization superpowers!

The goal of Simplifai’s digital employees is giving your organization the possibilities you didn’t think it had by increasing production up to 5 times or helping you save time and money.

Automating and digitalization has been around for years, but primarily focused on changing from a manual process to working through a software program. The next phase is using digital solutions to work in these programs, better and faster. Not add a new software program, but add digital employees in optimizing the ones you have.

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Customer Support
Increased responsiveness and more satisfied employees

Invoice Processing
Improved cash flow and eliminating human error

Accounting, reporting and quality control
Improved efficiency and lower costs

Simplifai assists business leaders with digital solutions while keeping a holistic view on their organization and targets

  • Global vendor of holistic automation solutions for work processes

  • Building market leading industry solutions

  • Technology independent portfolio of 70% self-developed products

  • Trusted advisor for the customer´s top management team

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Miriam Øyna

Product Manager
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Bård Myrstad

Chief Executive Officer
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Daniel Kohn

Chief Commercial Officer
Tel: +47 900 64000