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Empowering businesses with AI-powered automation platform. 

We simplify the way people work. 

Revolutionize your work with our AI Automation platform. It eliminates inefficient processes, leading to inefficiency and customer dissatisfaction. It streamlines tasks, allowing businesses to prioritize customer-centric activities. And it boosts job satisfaction, while ensuring a consistently exceptional customer experience.

Simplifai AI Automation Platform

The Simplifai AI Automation Platform uses advanced AI technology that brings the benefits of the future to businesses, today. Learn how our platform can deliver intelligent automation to your business processes.


Boost in customer support capabilities.  

Our scalable solution directly tackles slow response times and limited resources, ensuring rapid growth in end-to-end customer assistance capabilities.


Reduction in operational expenditure.

Spending heavily on customer experience management? Now you can automate routine tasks to efficiently manage costs and address high operational expenditure due to manual processes.


Increased customer satisfaction.

Our platform processes large volumes of queries with accuracy and speed, addressing the fundamental problem of customer dissatisfaction due to delayed or incorrect responses.

We solve:  

Retain your customers and capture a larger market share. 

Strengthen customer loyalty and broaden businesses horizons with Simplifai AI Automation Platform. 

Retain your customers and capture a larger market share. 

Strengthen customer loyalty and broaden businesses horizons with Simplifai AI Automation Platform. 

  • Losing market share or not meeting revenue targets? Our platform refines your customer engagement, countering churn. 
  • Challenges in executing profitable growth? We target dissatisfaction, optimizing growth strategies. 
  • Facing reduced cash flow and valuation? Our AI-driven approach mitigates churn contributors, enhancing company valuation. 

Build a robust and secure solution with Simplifai  

Boost Process Efficiency: No more lagging behind. 

Scale Innovatively with agility: Stay ahead in the race. 

Ensure Seamless Customer Experiences: Every touchpoint matters. 

Elevate Workforce Morale: When the process simplifies, satisfaction amplifies

We adhere to the best-in-class data privacy and security protocols  

We offer state-of-the-art, GDPR and ISO/IEC 27001:2013 compliant AI solutions. We respect user’s privacy and prioritize data protection right from design to development following the Secured Software Development Cycle (SSDLC) approach. Our transparent, enterprise-ready AI solutions empower customers with data control and clear usage purposes.  

Want to know more about our compliance commitment?  

Some of our Customers


Customer Feedback

SR-Bank works continuously to streamline internal processes to create better customer experiences. We see great potential for streamlining back-office operations through collaboration with Simplifai. There is also a potential for synergy effects between Simplifai and companies in the Finstart Nordic portfolio.

Glenn Sæther VP Technology, Development and Business Processes, SR-Bank

The AI solution from Simplifai will be the next step for us through its capability to read and interpret unstructured ‘free’ text in emails and several other formats of documents where RPA has limitations.

Egon Scheers Director Operations, Van Ameyde Group

With the help of Digital Employees, Nh1816 Verzekeringen can organize the claims process more intelligently allowing employees to spend less time manually processing documents and e-mails.

Janwillem Swart Commercial Manager of Nh1816 Verzekeringen

We are looking forward to further utilize new tools and technologies. The agreement with Simplifai is yet another step on our journey to provide solutions and products that are cost-effective and provide a good customer experience.

Einar Storsul CIO at Landkreditt

Achieving a smoother and more effective handling of cases is key to strengthen our customer satisfaction rate, and helps us lower our operational costs.

Rolf Valle CTO at Knif Trygghet Forsikring AS

I must admit that I’m positively surprised by the results. It was delivered as promised (and more) in a very short amount of time. The goal was to achieve a 70% automation grade, and we achieved way more.

Thomas Dinhoff Pederson CIO at Eika Insurance

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