Smart Secure Seamless Collection

Say goodbye to manual, administrative tasks with streamlined AI-powered, compliant collection processes. 

Debt collection faces challenges amid tighter margins and human error 

We revolutionize debt collection practices through our AI automation technology. This leads to more efficiency and reduce errors that previously led to legal battles with dire consequences for both debtors and collectors. 

Leverage human resources wisely

Debt collectors can use data to ensure timely repayments through the careful automation of document processing, reporting and archiving.  

End to end automation with Simplifai’s solution

Our solution automates tasks at the front and back end of debt collection agencies. Increased speed and accuracy result in happier employees and more satisfied customers. 

Compliance and data protection every step of the way

Simplifai follows a ‘privacy by design’ approach and is compliant with GDPR and ISO/IEC 27001:2013 protocols.  

We solve:  

Automate manual processes to scale with efficiency. 

Say no to labor-intensive and time-consuming manual processes with our AI-powered solutions. 

Automate manual processes to scale with efficiency. 

Say no to labor-intensive and time-consuming manual processes with our AI-powered solutions. 

  • Dealing with backlogs leading to delay in debt collection? 
  • Unable to execute growth plan due to high operating cost? 
  • Unable to manage your resources efficiently? 

Human Centric Debt Collection: Understanding the Balance Between Tech and Trust 

The very essence of AI, its autonomy, can sometimes feel unsettling, especially in sensitive areas like debt collection. That’s why our approach is different. 
Here’s how we ensure the human touch remains central to our debt collection solution: 

Start with Real Conversations

Before we introduce any automation, we start by gathering emails, chats, etc and understanding the genuine human interactions that take place. By analyzing how people reply, we can shape our AI to be more empathetic and effective. 

Gradual AI Introduction

We don’t rush into automating. Once we’ve gleaned insights from real interactions, we slowly start automating certain aspects of written communication, ensuring that our AI respects the nuances and emotions of each conversation. 

Humans at the Helm:

Our technology is an assistant. Humans remain in control, overseeing the process and stepping in when needed. This way, the decisions made are always in the best interests of both the creditor and the debtor. 

What’s in it for you? 


Customer service

Continuous and seamless availability round-the-clock, ensuring that customers’ needs are met promptly and smoothly without any delay caused by processing times 


Written inquiries automated

Let Simplifai handle tedious and repetitive tasks, enabling employees to focus on complex cases and provide more personalized service, fostering customer satisfaction and trust. 


Compliant with data regulations

Guarantees data security and privacy with GDPR and ISO/IEC 27001:2013 compliant software, following ‘privacy by design’ approach from the beginning. 

Reap the benefits 

Improved customer experience
Faster, more accurate responses and prompt handling of sensitive cases lead to a smoother, enhanced customer service experience.

Quicker settlements
The solution streamlines debt collection from end to end, ensuring quick settlements with both customers and partners

Guaranteed impartiality
Accurate and impartial handling of administrative tasks ensures fair treatment and minimizes the tension between debt collectors and debtors.

How Simplifai can help you streamline debt collection processes


Analyzes, responds, and stores inquiries from debtors.


Validates and archives debtor documents such as invoices or account statements.

Inform stakeholders

Forward deferrals, postponements, and objections to relevant stakeholders.


Identifies financial patterns in debtor behavior, analyze these patterns, and avoid undesirable results such as defaults, legal battles, and foreclosures.

100% of all written inquiries for Fair Collection read, categorized and interpreted 

The Norwegian Fair Collection is already known within the debt collection industry as an early mover, that grabs the hold of new market shares by being innovative. By signing a deal with Simplifai, they now make sure their customer experience will become even smoother, and their partner settlements quicker.  

Our solution will interpret inquiries from various sources and perform actions such as verifying information, updating systems, and replying to customers. It will automate many inquiries and ensure sensitive matters receive immediate attention from the correct case handlers.  

Align your strategic imperative with our AI solution for continuous business growth 

Customer Feedback

SR-Bank works continuously to streamline internal processes to create better customer experiences. We see great potential for streamlining back-office operations through collaboration with Simplifai. There is also a potential for synergy effects between Simplifai and companies in the Finstart Nordic portfolio.

Glenn Sæther VP Technology, Development and Business Processes, SR-Bank

The AI solution from Simplifai will be the next step for us through its capability to read and interpret unstructured ‘free’ text in emails and several other formats of documents where RPA has limitations.

Egon Scheers Director Operations, Van Ameyde Group

With the help of Digital Employees, Nh1816 Verzekeringen can organize the claims process more intelligently allowing employees to spend less time manually processing documents and e-mails.

Janwillem Swart Commercial Manager of Nh1816 Verzekeringen

We are looking forward to further utilize new tools and technologies. The agreement with Simplifai is yet another step on our journey to provide solutions and products that are cost-effective and provide a good customer experience.

Einar Storsul CIO at Landkreditt

Achieving a smoother and more effective handling of cases is key to strengthen our customer satisfaction rate, and helps us lower our operational costs.

Rolf Valle CTO at Knif Trygghet Forsikring AS

I must admit that I’m positively surprised by the results. It was delivered as promised (and more) in a very short amount of time. The goal was to achieve a 70% automation grade, and we achieved way more.

Thomas Dinhoff Pederson CIO at Eika Insurance

Join us on a journey towards automated efficiency 

We are not just an AI vendor. We are also your strategic partner, ensuring compliance and optimal performance every step of the way. 

Invest in future work – today.

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