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Role of the CTO in Building a Technologically Advanced Company   

In the rapidly evolving landscape of AI-driven businesses, the role of the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) has become more critical than ever.

Strategic Alliance: Simplifai and MBM Newtech Partner to Revolutionize BFSI Sector with AI Solutions

Simplifai, a leading AI solution provider, has inked a reseller partnership deal with MBM Newtech, a premier consulting firm. This collaboration marks a new era in providing cutting-edge AI solutions to the BFSI sector in the India region where both companies have established a formidable presence. 
Simplifai and MBM Partnership

Empowering Business Growth with Simplifai’s Advanced AI Automation Solutions and Data Privacy Commitment 

Over the past couple years, AI is the biggest shift in how we do business. It enhances decision-making, provides personalized customer experience, and streamlines operation for greater competitive advantage, and more. The ripple effect of this empowerment is the acceleration of innovation across the board, levelling the field for smaller players to compete effectively.
Empowering Business Growth with Simplifai's Advanced AI Automation Solutions and Data Privacy Commitment

The AI Imperative: Pioneering Banking, Financial Services and Insurance sector with Smart Product Engineering 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has proved its significance in almost every domain. Today every professional has somehow experienced the power of AI in some or the other way. So clearly today the concern for almost all business executives, is “how to leverage AI?” and “when to implement it? 

Webinar: AI in Claims Handling

AI in Claims Handling You are curious how AI Automation can benefit your customer experience, employee motivation, and overall operational efficiency?  Join our webinar on Wednesday, December 13 from 9.00 – 9.30 AM CET, where we break down the most valuable outcomes for AI in claims handling.    On the speakers Jeremy van Vugt is...

How to Navigate the AI Transformation in Insurance: Strategies for Success

The shift towards AI is particularly transformative in claims management. AI algorithms are revolutionizing how claims are processed, making them faster and more accurate.

Webinar: Insights into the 2023 Banking and Insurance Survey

As digital technology rapidly evolves, it is essential for banks and insurers to adapt and innovate and meet changing consumer needs. Simplifai conducted an online survey with 130 insurance adjustors, claim handlers, and 2,502 consumers from the UK, Germany, Sweden, Norway, and the Netherlands in association with Sapio Research. Join us on November 21, 2023,...

The State of Banking and Insurance: Five Key Take Aways from Our Study

Digital transformation has shaped the world at a different level. It made the market even more competitive and dynamic in nature. Every industry wants to upgrade their business through technological advancements. Especially financial and insurance sectors. 

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