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Do you find it challenging to balance customer satisfaction and sustainable growth? Simplifai is your ally in this journey, offering state-of-art AI solutions to navigate the complexities of the banking and financial services landscape. 

We deliver business value 


boost in customer support capabilities.

Navigate the hurdles of growth and capacity shortage with our auto-scalable solution, matching pace with ever-growing customer queries.  


reduction in operational expenditure

Spending heavily on customer service for enhanced experience? With our solution, businesses can reduce this cost to scale with efficiency. 


increased customer satisfaction .

With 24/7 round the clock availability, our solutions can process large volume of documents accurately within minutes for increased customer satisfaction.    

Are you equipped to meet the demands of your customers that constantly change? 

At Simplifai, we empower businesses to scale with innovation, ensuring they stay ahead of the competition. With our best-in-class compliance solutions, you can bring a secure process in place that surpasses industry standards. Our cutting-edge technology helps exceed the anticipations of your customers and nurture a satisfied and productive workforce, driving your organization towards unparalleled success.

Build an efficient and secure process with Simplifai

Best-in-class Compliance 

Enhance process efficiency 

Scale with innovation and agility 

Create seamless customer experience 

Hyper-automation use case prism for Banking and Investment

Hyper-automation use case
prism for Banking and Investment[1]

Simplifai has delivered automation to accelerate digitization in leading banks and financial institutions.

  • Card management
  • Front office servicing tasks
  • New business onboarding
  • Account servicing
  • Account reconciliation
  • Data and verification checks
  • Report creation
  • Convert paper based data entry

Drive digital transformation with AI 

Business leaders choose Simplifai to stay competitive with value-driven AI solutions. 

Drive digital transformation with AI 

Business leaders choose Simplifai to stay competitive with value-driven AI solutions. 

  • How to optimize IT expenditure while delivering business value? 
  • How can AI streamline workflows while ensuring compliance? 
  • How to stay ahead of industry trends and gain a competitive edge? 

Are you ready to decode the challenges in Insurance and Banking? 

Get your hands on our exclusive white paper: “The 2023 Banking and Insurance Survey: An Analysis of Consumer and Agent Behavior.” This comprehensive report stands as an essential resource, offering profound insights and solutions to tackle today’s challenges within insurance and banking.   

Capitalize on the power of end-to-end automation technologies  

Customer Service

Customers expect responses within minutes. Simplifai’s AI-powered solution reads, interprets, and accurately answers queries within minutes for increased customer satisfaction. 

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Debt Collection 

Debt collection directly impacts the lending entity’s overall revenues. With increasing debt consumption today, implementation of an efficient automated debt recovery system is crucial for sustainable growth. 

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Written Inquiry 

Organizations receive thousands of written inquiries daily through email etc, which often requiring 7-14 mins processing time each. Our solution can lower the time to seconds, freeing the team to address complex cases. 

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We are your strategic AI partner

Simplifai empowers business leaders with advanced text-based Intelligent Process Automation. We revolutionize the way businesses handle written communication with our cutting-edge Natural Language Technology resulting in streamlined operations

Out of the box integration with your existing systems  

We adhere to the best-in-class data privacy and security protocols  

We offer state-of-the-art, GDPR and ISO/IEC 27001:2013 compliant AI solutions. We respect user’s privacy and prioritize data protection right from design to development following the Secured Software Development Cycle (SSDLC) approach. Our transparent, enterprise-ready AI solutions empower customers with data control and clear usage purposes.   

Want to know more about our compliance commitment?   

Projected 350% ROI in 3 years. How?

Meet SpareBank 1 SR-Bank.

SpareBank 1 SR-Bank is the second largest Norwegian bank with a customer base of 350,000+ including both individuals and companies as customers. Backed by a strong history and a solid position in the market, they aim to become a leading financial group in Norway with the most customer-centric banking operations. The key challenges faced:

  • A deluge of emails and texts.  
  • Surging operational costs.
  • Skyrocketing customer expectations.

The solution? You’ll want to read this. 

Customer feedback

“SR-Bank works continuously to streamline internal processes to create better customer experiences. We see great potential for streamlining back-office operations through collaboration with Simplifai. There is also a potential for synergy effects between Simplifai and companies in the Finstart Nordic portfolio.”

Glenn Sæther VP Technology, Development and Business Processes, SR-Bank

“We are looking forward to further utilize new tools and technologies. The agreement with Simplifai is yet another step on our journey to provide solutions and products that are cost-effective and provide a good customer experience.”

Einar Storsul CIO at Landkreditt

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