Best-in-Class Compliance

Best-in-Class Compliance

AI-powered solutions built on GDPR and ISO/IEC 27001:2013 protocol compliant software.

Safeguarding customer data through state-of-the-art AI solutions 

We recognize the significance of protecting our customers’ valuable data and complying with evolving regulations. Therefore, we’ve tailored our solutions to meet these rigorous demands. Simplifai is deeply committed to data privacy and compliance, enabling our customers to harness the power of AI while upholding the strictest security standards.   

Choose Simplifai as your trusted partner in delivering state-of-the-art AI solutions that seamlessly aligns with your organization’s data privacy and compliance objectives. 

ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified AI Solutions: Simplifai’s commitment to data security 

Simplifai’s ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification attests to our secure and reliable AI products and solutions. Our certification covers SaaS-based Product design, Development using AI, and Support Functions. We employ a ‘privacy by design’ approach, ensuring full compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation.  

Our efforts to offer best-in-class solutions has also been regraded highly by governing bodies like Norwegian Data Protection Authority. They assessed one of our solutions, the Simplifai Archiver, and concluded it to be compliant for use within the Public Sector.  

Ensuring Data Safety and Security within Our AI Ecosystem 

  • Personal data protection and usage: The data we process is encrypted. Customers can delete their data on platform or on request. 
  • Data masking: User’s data such as (name, email, phone, address) is made secured through data masking. 
  • Regional data centers and transfer: Our operational routines have been adjusted for data privacy purposes, including separate data centers in each region (i.e., EU and India).
  • Periodic data deletion: We support the needs of clients when it comes to unnecessary data usage and archival. You can configure the duration of data storage. 

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Privacy by Design: The Foundation of Simplifai’s AI Solutions

Simplifai’s platform is meticulously crafted using a “Privacy by Design” approach, ensuring that privacy considerations are embedded through Secure Software Development Lifecycle (SSDLC) approach. 
With this approach, we aim to provide an enterprise-grade AI solution that safeguards users’ data privacy and maintains transparency about how and what customer data is utilized. This commitment to excellence in data privacy and security sets us apart as the premier choice for AI solutions in the market. 

End-to-end data privacy and security

Platform security

  • Own encryption keys​​
  • Single sign on and MFA​
  • Multilevel access controls​​
  • Access to logged and audit logs​
  • Incident management routines​​
  • Vulnerability assessment​​
  • Penetration tests​​

Network security

  • Data encrypted at transit and rest​
  • Separate database
  • Customer preferred data centre location​
  • Access control ​
  • Right to information​
  • Right to delete information​
  • Sensitive data anonymization Support​

Data security

  • Vulnerability assessment​​
  • ​​Penetration tests ​
  • Surveillance system to track unusual activities​
  • Demilitarized public and private networks​​

Pioneering Data Privacy through Rigorous GDPR Adherence

Simplifai diligently observes GDPR guidelines while providing ethically responsible SaaS products and solutions both inside and outside Europe. To reinforce our commitment to superior data protection, we follow standard practices like: 

  • Safeguarding international data transfers in accordance with the Schrems II ruling 
  • Performing regular security checks like Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) 
  • Conducting ISO/IEC 27001:2013 external surveillance audits annually 

Simplifai Archiver- A compliant AI solution for Public Sector

Simplifai, in collaboration with the Norwegian National Archives under the DFØ STARTOff scheme has developed Simplifai Archiver to help administrators in the public sector record and archive documentation sent via e-mail.   
Assessment by Datatilsynet’s AI Sandbox project concluded that public actors have a legal basis for using Simplifai Archiver to support decisions on archiving and record keeping.

Security and privacy are areas where we need to be compliant, our experience is that Simplifai appears, both solution wise and in competence, mature and proactive in these areas

Thomas Dinhoff Pedersen​
CIO at Eika Insurance

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