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Claims Intake

The insurance industry, with its myriad of processes, often grapples with the inefficiencies and errors arising from manual claims intake. Simplifai’s Claims Intake solution leverages AI to revamp this process, automating claim verification and ensuring faster and more accurate settlements. Businesses can benefit from reduced operational costs and an enhanced customer experience, turning a traditionally tedious task into a streamlined operation. 

Customer Service

The modern business environment demands rapid and consistent responses to a deluge of customer queries. That’s where Simplifai’s Customer Service solution steps in. Leveraging AI, it delivers real-time answers, guaranteeing round-the-clock support and uniformity in responses. The outcome is twofold: heightened customer contentment and the liberation of human agents to tackle intricate tasks, establishing a harmonious interplay between automation and human intervention. 

E-mail processing

Document Handling

Manually sorting and processing documents is a daunting task that can lead to errors and inefficiencies. Simplifai’s Document Handling solution automates these tasks, using AI to categorize, extract key data, and route documents effectively. Businesses can witness a notable surge in productivity, with the added bonus of enhanced accuracy, making document-related tasks a breeze. 

Debt Collection

Debt recovery is often a complicated endeavour, with challenges in tracking and efficient collection. Enter Simplifai’s Debt Collection solution, which uses AI to prioritize collections based on payment likelihood, send out automated reminders, and tailor communication strategies for different debtor profiles. The result? A more strategic, effective, and humane approach to debt collection. 


As the digital revolution continues to unfold, businesses grapple with the overwhelming magnitude of data, posing challenges in its storage, retrieval, and security. Simplifai’s Archiving solution transforms this area, employing AI to categorize, index, and swiftly retrieve documents. Moreover, it ensures top-tier security protocols, making data management both effortless and secure.

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