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Every industry faces unique challenges in daily operations that may lead to higher turn-around times, work inefficiency, & higher costs.

Across all industries, customer expectations, operational costs, and workforce turnover is growing

Every industry faces unique challenges in its daily operations that may lead to higher turn-around times, work inefficiency, and higher costs.

Our cutting-edge AI solutions can tackle these challenges to deliver immediate, accurate responses through scalable teams.

Our solutions are well-suited for all types of businesses and can provide you with the technology to overcome operational challenges.

Scale-up with AI innovation

Best-in-class compliance

Enhanced process efficiency

More work capacity

We deliver business value


Productivity increase

Help accelerate customer and employee satisfaction


Reduction in cost operations

Leads to improved profitability and better use of resources


increase in team capacity 

Bandwidth shortage is a significant challenge for rapidly scaling organizations. Our solutions are auto scalable that adapt to the growing customer queries with increased productivity. 

Innovating All Industries with simple, accessible, and versatile AI solutions


Online sellers handle many customer orders and inquiries daily. Our AI solutions can automate these tasks, save time and resources, reduce workload, scale-up growth, and boost employee happiness.

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

Our solutions can resolve tickets in seconds, improve customer satisfaction, and free-up time to use on complex cases. This adds work capacity for employees to achieve work productivity.


With our AI solutions, businesses can provide instant and accurate responses to customers, reducing turn-around time and improving overall customer experience in this industry.

Creating long-lasting capabilities with state-of-art AI solutions


Our solutions read & interpret written communication and carry out relevant business decisions. This streamlines the transport, delivery, and shipment of goods, thus improving work efficiency.

We also serve other industries like Automotive, Utilities, Hospitality, and many more.

Customer Service

Customers expect responses within minutes. Simplifai’s AI-powered solution reads, interprets, and accurately answers queries within seconds for increased customer satisfaction.

Document Processing

Despite digitalization many customer transactions still require a vast number of documents. Our solution can process all customer documents securely and archive them for future reference

Email Processing

Organizations receive thousands of email inquiries daily, often requiring 7-14 mins processing time each. With our solution you can lower the time to seconds freeing team to address complex cases.

We adhere to the best-in-class data privacy and security protocols  

We offer state-of-the-art, GDPR and ISO/IEC 27001:2013 compliant AI solutions. We respect user’s privacy and prioritize data protection right from design to development following the Secured Software Development Cycle (SSDLC) approach. Our transparent, enterprise-ready AI solutions empowers customers with data control and clear usage purposes.  

A successful adoption of automation and digital transformation solutions from Simplifai will be the key driver to our organisational effectiveness and the continuity for business survival.

Tan ghee Khoon
Managing Director at Navigate

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