Up to 70% of claims automatically handled

Norwegian insurer Knif Trygghet streamlines claims management processes to provide the best policies for their clients. 

Simplifai delivered business value through: 

End-to-end customer support

Integration in both front- and back-end processes.

Improved customer experience

Through round-the-clock availability and fast response times.

Productive and motivated employees

Employees can focus on more complex and important cases.

Knif Trygghet aims to provide superior customer service 

Since its founding in 2007, Knif Trygghet’s mission is to provides tailor-made insurance policies to offer ideal terms and prices to different types of businesses and private individuals in the non-profit and voluntary sector in Norway. 

Manual and repetitive tasks as an efficiency killer in the daily business 

With a growing number of clients, Knif Trygghet is faced with the challenge of an increasing workload as the manual handling of claims processing and customer service consumes extensive hours.

Similarly, the customer service representatives face an almost constant backlog of operations. The overall result is slower response times and limited capacity available to tackle more complex cases of processing claims and insurance policies. 

Creating long-lasting capabilities with state-of-art AI solutions

Transforming customer service and claims processing with AI 

This problem started to become a major roadblock for the company’s aim of providing the best possible terms and prices for its customers. Recognizing the potential for increased efficiency, Knif Trygghet decided to scale up their operations with AI.

To find a suitable solution, they sought out an AI partner that could provide the technology they needed to achieve this goal, quickly and easily. 

We ended up choosing Simplifai in this phase of our road to using AI. We looked for someone that could help us implement something quickly, with an easy-to-use functionality.”


Knif Trygghet leading the way for the insurance industry 

In order to face a future where economic pressures increase and talent becomes scarce and expensive, insurance companies must be able to provide prompt customer service and accurate claims management, all the while keeping employees happy and costs low.

Knif Trygghet has taken the lead by adopting Simplifai’s AI Automation solution. It enables them to deliver exceptional customer service, while also remaining productive, efficient, and cost-effective.  

We believe that AI will be a well-integrated part in the way we work, and we are eager to see what AI can do for us in the future. While the people will continue to be the most important asset for the insurance industry, we think that our employees have more time for the important tasks combined with AI.


Invest in future work – today.

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