Making humans more human with AI

Dutch Insurance agency Flyct Letselschade embraces AI Automation to stay ahead in competitive market. 

AI Goals:
Growth and Innovation

Meet Flyct Letselschade

Flyct is a Dutch personal injury agency counting 85+ employees. As part of the Van Ameyde Group, Flyct supports its customers with recovery claims, such as injuries, car damages, and legal assistance.

Embracing innovation

Ranging from simple requests to police reports, manual handling of claims not only takes time but is also expensive. Flyct needed a solution that would make their processes more efficient and allow them to focus on growth.

Flyct understood that investing in AI was a necessary step to stay ahead in a fast-changing industry.

We really like the slogan ‘Make humans more human’. It’s not just about doing a lot of work with fewer people; it’s about doing the work well with the right people and giving employees the chance to develop themselves.

JEREMy van vugt
manager business development AT flyct letselschade

How AI creates value

  • Customer satisfaction: Faster response times and 24/7 availability lead to improved customer experience.
  • Employee motivation: AI relieves support staff from repetitive tasks, allowing them to focus on growth and more specialized roles.
  • Compliance focus: Simplifai adheres to a ‘privacy by design’ approach, taking data security into consideration from the beginning.
  • Future-ready: Flyct can navigate the tight job market and operate efficiently in their industry.

Simplifai takes time for each step and tries to explain the technology as simply as possible.

JEREMy van vugt
manager business development AT flyct letselschade

Easy Automation for end-to-end processing

Flyct’s solution currently consists of an email and document module.

Through NLP (Natural Language Processing) the software can automatically read, understand, and interpret natural human language used in customer correspondence.

  • AI Solution fetches emails and attached documents.
  • Processed correspondence is forwarded to customer application ECHO, while any errors are sent in for manual handling.
  • Email and document types are categorized and relevant data is extracted for further processing.

We believe that the quality of our service and employees’ satisfaction is very important. With administrative steps taken care of, we can put more energy into our customers and employees.

JEREMy van vugt
manager business development AT flyct letselschade

Independency and flexibility are key

The Simplifai project kicked off in spring 2023 in Flyct’s office in the Netherlands, followed by an AI training workshop at the Simplifai office in Oslo.

This training allows Flyct to train and maintain the AI solution on their own.

We are now working for a little over three months with the module and we have seen that we have saved a good amount of admin hours, which we in turn use to educate the admin employees.

JEREMy van vugt
manager business development AT flyct letselschade

Future-ready with Simplifai

Flyct is currently working closely with Simplifai to integrate their newest system Echo R2 with their AI solution. Running both systems will further increase their operational efficiency, streamlining an even higher volume of emails and documents.

The value that Flyct has gained so far is just the start of their AI journey. With their ambition to remain a leader in AI innovation, Flyct is looking forward to exploring other Simplifai solutions, such as InsuranceGPT.

Invest in future work – today.

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