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IMCN Annual Conference – How does AI knowledge empower consultants to redefine strategic guidance?

The Independent Management Consultancies Network (IMCN) held its annual 2023 conference in Oslo. Friday 23rd was devoted to discussing AI, where Simplifai’s Co-Founder and<br>Product Visionary Erik Leung and CCO Daniel Kohn were invited to share insights on AI and how<br>it can help companies flourish without compromising their security. Both highlighted AI’s<br>capabilities to enhance customer experience and allow employees to scale from an operational<br>to a professional function.


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Solutions How can AI solutions simplify claim handling process? Simplifai AI solutions can simplify claim handling processes by automating, speeding up, and improving the accuracy of data collection, processing, verification, and analysis. This can lead to increased customer satisfaction and cost savings in operations. We provide end-to-end claims processing with multi-language support, regulatory compliance, system...

Empowering future work today: AI for humanized work life

In the midst of a global labor crisis marked by the 'Great Resignation' and employee burnout, the blog highlights the strategic role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in creating a more sustainable work environment. The piece outlines AI's ability to augment human abilities, alleviate workloads, and increase job satisfaction. It positions AI as a vital tool for businesses to attract and retain talent, signaling their commitment to innovation, and fostering a more fulfilling and humane work culture.
Artificial Intelligence for Humanized work life

The transparency act (Åpenhetsloven)

Åpenhetsloven Generelt Simplifai AS er omfattet av Lov om virksomheters åpenhet og arbeid med grunnleggende menneskerettigheter og anstendige arbeidsforhold (Åpenhetsloven). Loven trådte i kraft i Norge 1. juli 2022 og skal fremme virksomheters respekt for menneskerettigheter og anstendige arbeidsforhold. Loven skal også sikre allmennheten tilgang til informasjon om hvordan virksomheter håndterer negative konsekvenser for menneskerettigheter...

Transforming Insurance with AI: Simplifai’s Innovative Approach

In an era where customer expectations are rising, Simplifai is ushering in a new age of efficiency in the insurance industry. Using advanced our AI solutions - InsuranceGPT, Claims Handling, Customer Service, and Document Handling, we are driving automation, enhancing customer experience, and streamlining operations like never before.
Blog banner_Simplifai AI Solutions for Insurance

Webinar on demand – InsuranceGPT: An AI solution for full-scale insurance claims automation

We recently rolled out our latest AI solution called InsuranceGPT for businesses to harness the power of Generative AI. With this, we provide a new level of precision in AI automation for insurance businesses.

Supercharging Business Success with AI in the Back Office

66% of banking and investment service CIOs plan to deploy artificial intelligence (AI) as the top technology for implementation within the next 12 months to three years.[1]
AI in back office

Simplifai launches world-first generative AI tool for insurance

The first custom-built AI GPT tool for insurers offers ChatGPT-like enhanced decision making for automated claims management, while maintaining privacy and data security