30. November 2023
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  • Empowering Business Growth with Simplifai’s Advanced AI Automation Solutions and Data Privacy Commitment 

    Over the past couple years, AI is the biggest shift in how we do business. It enhances decision-making, provides personalized customer experience, and streamlines operation for greater competitive advantage, and more. The ripple effect of this empowerment is the acceleration of innovation across the board, levelling the field for smaller players to compete effectively.

    Empowering Business Growth with Simplifai's Advanced AI Automation Solutions and Data Privacy Commitment

    AI encourages a culture of continuous improvement, where customer value and ethical considerations are at the forefront, ensuring that the benefits of AI are widespread and equitably distributed. In essence, democratizing AI is about creating a technologically empowered future that’s accessible to all and biased towards none. 

    To that end, in this blog we highlight what changes we made in our product to ensure enhanced customer experience.  

    Enhanced Capabilities in Our Product: Introducing Advanced features 

    We strongly believe that AI can change the future of the work force today. As a reason we constantly upgrade the solutions as per the market demand and expectation. To make our solution more competent in the market we continue to advance our solutions by adding demanding features.  

    1. Table Extraction  

    What it does: Table extraction is an AI-driven process that identifies and extracts tabular data from documents. This feature uses advanced algorithms to recognize tables within a document, regardless of their formatting or complexity, and converts them into a structured format like CSV or Excel. 

    Customer benefit: This functionality is incredibly useful for businesses dealing with large volumes of data in tables, such as financial reports, invoices, or inventory lists. It streamlines data processing, eliminates manual data entry errors, and saves significant time and resources. 

    2. Page-wise Classification 

    What it does: Page-wise classification involves using AI to categorize each page of a document based on its content. This feature automatically identifies the nature of the content on each page – whether it’s a cover page, an invoice, a technical specification, etc. – and classifies it accordingly. 

    Customer benefit: For clients who handle multi-page documents where each page serves a different function, this feature adds efficiency. It helps in organizing and retrieving information quickly, making document processing more streamlined and less prone to human error. 

    3. Multilingual Support (including regional languages):  

    What it does: By supporting sixteen different languages, including English, German, Italian, and Norwegian, as well as regional languages like Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, and Tamil, our platform can process and understand text and documents. 

    Customer benefit: This is crucial for global businesses or businesses in multilingual regions. It allows them to use the AI platform for a diverse range of documents without language barriers. It enhances accessibility and usability for users who operate in these languages, ensuring a wider reach and more inclusive service. 

    Each of these features addresses specific pain points in document processing and data management, making your AI solution more robust, user-friendly, and adaptable to various business needs. This not only improves the efficiency of your customers’ operations but also provides them with a competitive edge by leveraging advanced AI capabilities. 

    Simplifai’s Certified AI: Privacy First 

    We understand the importance of data privacy in today’s world. To ensure that our clients’ sensitive information remains secure, we have implemented a data masking practice. This involves blacking out private information of the client, thereby safeguarding their privacy.  

    Our state-of-the-art AI solutions are designed to protect customer data and comply with evolving regulations.  

    Simplifai’s Data Privacy and Security Approach:  

    • Prioritizing Data Privacy: Recognizing the critical importance of data privacy in today’s digital landscape. 
    • Data Masking Practice: Implementing robust data masking techniques to secure clients’ sensitive information by obscuring private details. 
    • Advanced AI Solutions: Utilizing state-of-the-art AI technologies tailored to protect customer data and adhere to current regulatory standards. 
    • Compliance with Regulations: Ensuring alignment with evolving regulations, including GDPR/ISO certifications, to offer the highest level of data security. 
    • Tailored Solutions: Customizing our AI offerings to meet the stringent demands of data protection and privacy. 
    • Commitment to Security: Deep dedication to safeguarding customer data, emphasizing the significance of secure and private data handling. 
    • Harnessing AI with Security:  Enabling customers to leverage the power of AI technologies while upholding strict security protocols. 


    AI is advancing at an unprecedented pace. However, the complexity and cost of deployment can be a hindrance to adoption in many businesses. Simplifai offers a simple implementation process into existing systems with highly accessible support, training, and insights. This makes AI-powered operational efficiency and performance available for all industries and an integral part of everyday work. Simplifai’s AI solutions are designed to help businesses scale continuously, ensuring that they stay ahead of the competition in a dynamic business environment. 

    If you too want to grow your business with the power of AI automation, then please contact us. We are always there for to empower and scale your business with our end-to-end automation solution.