18. June 2024
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  • Van Ameyde and Simplifai win the Diamond Award at ITC DIA Amsterdam 2024

    June 18, 2024 –  Amsterdam, Netherlands: The audience has spoken. At this year’s ITC DIA Europe event, Van Ameyde and Simplifai won the award for their collaborative Deep Dive session titled “Leveraging Generative AI in Claims”. The Diamond Award is handed out traditionally at each ITC DIA event to recognize the presentation that exhibits the ‘most strategic impact’ in the insurance industry. This prestigious award was bestowed on Van Ameyde and Simplifai by the visitors in the audience, which consisted of various professionals within insurance companies, technology providers, and service providers.

    Van Ameyde and Simplifai win the Diamond Award at ITC DIA Amsterdam 2024

    The presentation was delivered by Van Ameyde’s Digital Innovation Director, Marco Valkenburg, Simplifai’s Co-founder, Erik Leung, and was hosted by Van Ameyde’s Ilah Waals. The expert speakers set the scene by introducing their companies and explaining their collaboration:

    Van Ameyde is a global claims and risk management company that specializes in providing innovative and efficient solutions for insurance and related industries. Their main offerings are an in-house claims handling platform, as well claims handlers for processing claims, as and when insurance and related companies require them.

    Simplifai provides AI Automation to take claims processing to the next level, regarding speed and accuracy, and is the AI partner/provider for Van Ameyde.

    The two companies then demonstrated how they can jointly solve claims quickly and accurately, using intelligent automation and generative AI, as well as a demonstration of Simplifai InsuranceGPT.

    “We do not claim the Diamond Award for ourselves, but, rather, for our clients,” proclaims Marco Valkenburg, a Van Ameyde veteran of over 20 years. “The strategic impact that we presented is the action that we take and the lengths that we reach to ensure that we consistently provide our clients with the best possible services by keeping up industry trends and embedding state of the art technology in our processes.”

    “We aimed to provide users at ITC DIA with a new way of processing claims,” said Erik Leung, Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder at Simplifai. “With our two solutions working together; Van Ameyde’s claims handling platform, ECHO, and our InsuranceGPT, this acknowledgement is special to us both.”

    About Simplifai:

    Founded in 2017, Simplifai is the secure AI company. We create the Simplifai AI Automation platform, which is used to create a number of solutions for the Insurance and Banking industries, including Claims Intake, Claims Processing, Underwriting, and Customer Interaction. Simplifai’s solutions reduce customer churn, reduce operational costs, improve customer satisfaction, and provide a strong competitive advantage for our customers. We are founded in Oslo, Norway, with offices in Pune India, the Netherlands, and Ukraine. Learn more: www.simplifai.ai.

    About Van Ameyde:

    For over seven decades, Van Ameyde Group has handled the entire claims process (from first notice of loss until closure of claims) with hardworking, innovative people. This human intelligence empowers our digital transformation in AI processes and IT systems. Our fleet of claims handlers process 800,000 claims annually in our own claims handling platform, ECHO, while bringing the perfect amount of human heart/touch to the process in all insurance business lines. Since 2007, ECHO is used by our 48 subsidiaries and external parties in numerous countries. Read more about the solutions we provide: Van Ameyde.