6. December 2023
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  • Strategic Alliance: Simplifai and MBM Newtech Partner to Revolutionize BFSI Sector with AI Solutions

    Simplifai, a leading AI solution provider, has inked a reseller partnership deal with MBM Newtech, a premier consulting firm. This collaboration marks a new era in providing cutting-edge AI solutions to the BFSI sector in the India region where both companies have established a formidable presence. 

    Simplifai and MBM Partnership

    Simplifai has been at the forefront of AI technology, offering state-of-the-art solutions in various industries. This partnership with MBM is expected to open new avenues, particularly in the Indian BFSI sector, where MBM’s strong connections and existing engagements are highly regarded. 

    Expressing enthusiasm over this collaboration, Sagar Jadhav, Regional Channel Partner at Simplifai remarked, “With their strong connects and existing engagement in focused verticals, particularly BFSI, we are excited to partner with MBM Newtech. Their presence in the market, especially in the Mumbai region, is a valuable asset. We aim to leverage MBM’s brand presence and get introduced to exciting opportunities through their relationship-driven approach.” 

    MBM, known for guiding businesses through the complexities of the digital landscape, brings a wealth of opportunities to the table. Their expertise in understanding and implementing digital solutions in the BFSI sector aligns perfectly with Simplifai’s innovative AI solutions. 

    Viren Reshamwala, the Managing Director of MBM, shared his thoughts on the partnership, stating, “Simplifai is a very promising organization with some great solutions. Simplifai’s solutions aligned completely with MBM’s vision of helping customers ‘unlock the magic of data.’ Together, I am sure we will be able to create many success stories.” 

    This partnership is a strategic move for both companies, combining Simplifai’s advanced AI technology with MBM’s deep market penetration and expertise in digital consulting. The synergy between the two firms is expected to bring about transformative changes in the way businesses operate in the BFSI sector, setting new benchmarks in efficiency and innovation. 

    About MBM Newtech: 

    MBM is a premier consulting firm specializing in guiding businesses through the intricacies of the digital landscape. With a wealth of expertise in document management, digital transformation, and IT strategy, their team of seasoned consultants offers customized solutions to optimize business processes, boost efficiency, and fuel growth. Leveraging their deep industry knowledge and unwavering commitment to delivering results, MBM empowers businesses to flourish in the digital age.  

    About Simplifai: 

    Simplifai delivers AI-powered solutions to streamline operations by automating the processing of written communications. By reading, extracting, and responding to customer inquiries, applications, claims, etc in full compliance with GDPR and industry standards, their no-code SaaS solution simplifies the way people work. The result is enhanced customer experience, engaged employees and improved company performance.