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Supercharging Business Success with AI in the Back Office

66% of banking and investment service CIOs plan to deploy artificial intelligence (AI) as the top technology for implementation within the next 12 months to three years.[1]
AI in back office

Simplifai launches world-first generative AI tool for insurance

The first custom-built AI GPT tool for insurers offers ChatGPT-like enhanced decision making for automated claims management, while maintaining privacy and data security

Simplifai Rebranding Journey – an Interview with Erik Leung

Our Chief Product Officer Erik Leung, who co-founded the company together with Bård Myrstad in 2017, shares insights into the transformation that has taken place since our humble beginning six years ago, and sheds light on the reasons behind our recent rebranding.

Simplifai launches an Artificial Intelligence (AI) solution for digital archiving of emails and attachments. 

Simplifai, the Secure AI company, today announced the public launch of Simplifai Archiver, an AI-powered solution that intelligently archives email and attached documents.

Revolusjoner dataarkivering og tilgjengelighet med AI 

Pioneering the future of AI Automation solutions

Rebranding is a pivotal moment in a company’s journey and represents a renewed focus on its values, mission, and vision. We are thrilled to reveal our latest rebranding that reflects our vision of delivering AI in the form of simple, user-friendly, and accessible automation solutions for future work, today.

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