31. May 2023
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  • Simplifai Rebranding Journey – an Interview with Erik Leung

    Our Chief Product Officer Erik Leung, who co-founded the company together with Bård Myrstad in 2017, shares insights into the transformation that has taken place since our humble beginning six years ago, and sheds light on the reasons behind our recent rebranding.


    What has happened since the last rebranding and how has Simplifai changed?  

    “Six years ago, we were an emerging entity in the industry, relatively unknown and small in size. The Simplifai of those days and the Simplifai of today stand in stark contrast to each other. In the past years, particularly in the last eighteen months, our customer base has expanded significantly, including an influx of reputable, sizeable clients. It was essential for us to introspect, to reassess whether our brand identity still accurately reflected the Simplifai we have grown into today. Undeniably, the key divergence from our last rebranding is that we’ve matured, evolved, and effectively transformed into a different company.”  

    Why was there a need for rebranding? 

    “I think last summer was a pivotal moment, when we were bought out of Elop Group and with investors backing us and funding us, that allowed us to properly “put a dent in the universe” to say it with a Steve Jobs quote. Now, we have the money that we need to build a more stable, solid company, than what we used to be back then. We have to ensure that our funding can be applied to where it is the most important, for the most critical functions. But now, our financial flexibility allows us to dedicate resources to key areas that were less prioritized in the early days.” 

    How has our brand messaging changed to adapt to changes in the AI market?  

    “Two to three years after the company was founded, our focus began to shift towards the people and the business side of things, despite our roots as a tech and AI company. Now, our messaging consolidates this shift, emphasizing that we are business people proficient in tech, rather than tech people dabbling in business. The crux of our new messaging is to position ourselves as trusted advisors for our customers, not merely technology experts. We aim to be seen as a reliable partner for our customers in their long-term AI transformation journey, underlining the fact that this journey is indeed more of a long-term commitment rather than a one-time task.” 

    What does the design implicate about the new era of Simplifai?  

    “Our new color palette signifies a shift towards a more serious, mature identity, signaling our intent to persist and thrive in the long run. Larger companies, particularly within the B2B sector, often opt for darker shades – blues, dark purples, or browns – steering clear of the brighter pinks and oranges. Such colors are typically associated with mature companies equipped with the necessary ‘muscle’ to survive in a competitive market. This color choice in our rebranding underscores the direction we envision for Simplifai’s future.” 

    What do you believe to be the most important aspect of the new branding? 

    “A key element of our new branding is the transformation of our logo and slogan. The previous logo, consisting of three separate components, embodied our initial emphasis on technology with a modular design. The revised logo, in contrast, shows interconnected lines, symbolizing a flowchart and the interconnectedness of processes. This shift represents a transition in our focus from pure tech towards the intricacies of business processes. Our new slogan, “Future work today,” encapsulates our mission – addressing the global labor shortage using innovative technology. It also underscores our commitment to leveraging technology to bridge this gap and bring business objectives to fruition.” 

    As we embrace this new era of Simplifai, we are excited about the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead. We are committed to supporting businesses on their AI transformation journey, acting as a trusted guide, and providing robust, future-proof solutions.  

    Our rebranding represents not just a new look for Simplifai, but a reaffirmation of our mission and vision. 

    Thank you for being part of our journey. Here’s to the future of work, today