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Best-in-class Compliance

Security and privacy are areas where we need to be compliant, our experience is that Simplifai appears, both solution wise and in competence, mature and proactive in these areas Thomas Dinhoff Pedersen​CIO at Eika Insurance

Terms Of Trials

TERMS OF USE REGARDING FREE TRIAL OF SIMPLIFAI AS’ SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS Revision: 24th of March 2021 1. The Software The Software is a cloud-based system where the party (the “Trial Customer”) who has legal access to the Software by means of an agreement (the “Agreement”) with Simplifai or any Simplifai Partner is granted access to...

Terms Of Delivery

TERMS OF DELIVERY REGARDING SIMPLIFAI CONSULTANCY ASSISTANCE Revision: 27th of October 2023 1. GENERAL PROVISIONS 1.1 THE PARTIES 1.1.1 “Simplifai;” the limited company in the Simplifai group of companies having concluded the Agreement defined in Clause 1.2 with the Customer. 1.1.2 A company or any commercial entity other than a consumer regardless of incorporation that has concluded the Agreement...



Eika Forsikring invested in our AI solution to enhance overall customer experience  “I am impressed by how quickly we could have such a sophisticated solution in place. This is a win-win situation for us. We have the data, and Simplifai has the solutions and the competence – together, it gives us the ability to create...

Customer-story : Landkreditt

“Landkreditt has an ambitious strategy to digitize and improve customer journeys using IT tools. Simplifai delivers tools and know-how that enable us to improve and advance toward these goals. We are looking forward to a continued valuable and rewarding cooperation with Simplifai for the years to come,” Einar Storsul, CIO of Landkreditt Bank

Customer-story : SR-Bank

SR-Bank works continuously to streamline internal processes to create better customer experiences. We see great potential for streamlining back-office operations through collaboration with Simplifai. There is also a potential for synergy effects between Simplifai and companies in the Finstart Nordic portfolio.  Glenn Sæther VP of Technology, Development, and Business Processes 

Customer story-claims link

We’ll continue the work to find suitable tasks for the solution in other parts of the company. We do claims handling with many insurance programs with different complexities; however, there are lots of similar and routine tasks that this technology can handle efficiently. And it can contribute to improving our customer experience. Mille Haslund Mellbye,...

Customer-story:Van ameyde

The AI solution from Simplifai will be the next step for us through its capability to read and interpret unstructured ‘free’ text in emails and several other formats of documents where RPA has limitations. Flexibility and simplicity are key here. The combination of the technologies makes it possible to successfully automate a much higher percentage...