Automate Freshdesk with Email Processing AI solution Integration

The Email Processing solution can now take care of all your inquiries on the Freshdesk platform. 

Introducing the Simplifai Archiver

What does the Email Processing Solution in Freshdesk do? 


The Email Processing Solution uses its reading and understanding ability to automate the ticket creation in Freshdesk.

Here’s a list of the functionalities: 


  • Extract key data and send information to Freshdesk by creating tickets automatically
  • Hand tasks over to a Support Agent 
  • Communicate with the sender to confirm receipt
  • Request missing details
  • Set status, priority, and agent name for inquiry type
  • Send required insights, attachments, and email details
  • Close the ticket when the task is complete

This way, the Support Agent will efficiently have all the information and insights needed to solve the ticket. There’s no need to check the email for the same details anymore, and a greater number of tickets are being handled at less time and costs.

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