17. February 2023
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  • Simplifai signs fantastic deal with Fair Collection to automate processing of customer inquiries

    Fair Collection is already known within the debt collection industry as an early mover, that grabs the hold of new market shares by being innovative. By signing a deal with Simplifai, they now make sure their customer experience will become even smoother, and their partner settlements quicker. 

    100% of all written customer inquiries processed by Simplifai’s AI Solution

    The AI-powered Digital Employee will read and interpret inquiries whether they come in through web forms, the portal, or as emails. It will then perform actions such as verifying the info, updating back-end systems, and replying to customers. In many cases, the AI solution will handle inquiries with end-to-end automation, and in sensitive matters make sure the cases get the immediate attention of the correct case handlers.

    Fair Collection continuously looks for effective ways to make both the settlement processes more effective, and the customer experience better. Simplifai’s ability to handle free text with use of Artificial Intelligence is market leading and helps us to achieve a seamless combination between digital effectiveness and human expertise & sensitivity.

    ~ Christian Aandalen, CEO – Fair Collection


    About Fair Collection 

    Fair is a Norwegian invoice and debt collection company founded in 2018. The company was established by experienced people working in debt collection, with the goal of bringing significant changes to an industry that had stood still for 20 years. To do this, Fair had to develop various systems to provide tailored solutions as per customers’ requirements. Fair’s goal is to make it as simple as possible to pay an invoice and reduce defaulted claims in Norway.

    About Simplifai

    Simplifai is an AI solutions company that provides end-to-end automation for businesses through AI-powered Digital Employee solutions. Our Digital Employees are capable of interpreting unstructured data or free text and can be easily configured in our no-code, plug-and-play platform called Simplifai Studio. Digital Employees can handle insurance claims, process invoices, bills, and other financial data, reply to and forward emails, analyze and interpret data in documents, and undertake actions such as storage and archival of documents.

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