25. November 2022
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  • Digital Employee now live at SR-Bank, Norway’s second largest bank

    Sparebank 1 SR-Bank now has a Digital Employee from Simplifai handling 100% of their emails.

    It has been almost 20 months since Simplifai knocked on SR-Bank’s door and was asked to introduce ourselves. What we offered was a solution that could revolutionize the way banks handle written inquiries. SR-Bank not only listened, but they challenged us to do more! And they were right in doing so.

    SR-Bank is Norway’s second-largest bank measured by total assets (2020 numbers). The bank has more than 350,000 individuals and companies as customers and a presence with 34 branches from Bergen in the west to Oslo in the east. The bank is headquartered in Stavanger and has more than 1500 employees.

    After going through a thorough POC & Analysis with help from independent consultants (Avo Consulting), they decided to move ahead with our Digital Employee. In August 2022, the project timeline was laid out. From start to finish, the timeline was kept, and late at night in November, the Digital Employee finally went live – with emotional cheers from both sides.

    Their Digital Employee now handles 100% of emails within Customer Service from both private and commercial customers. It classifies emails using intents – which is not rule-based. The intents are found using free text understanding (NLU), which helps understand written human communications. By integrating with back-end systems and finding all relevant intents and data, the Digital Employee gives SR-Bank’s human employees “superpowers.” Not only are they able to work on more crucial engagements, but they also spend less time handling each case. This is because of effective data-gathering and integrations to the bank’s CRM systems. And in many cases, where the inquiries are simple that do not require human intelligence, the Digital Employee resolves the matter without human involvement at all.

    SR-Bank has also entered a 3-year innovation agreement with Simplifai and will help us in developing new solutions for the banking vertical.

    “SR-Bank works continuously to streamline internal processes to create better customer experiences. We see great potential for streamlining back-office operations through the collaboration with Simplifai. There is also a potential for synergies between Simplifai and companies in the Finstart Nordic portfolio,”

    Says Glenn Sæther, VP of Technology, Development, and Business Processes at SR-Bank.

    For more information about the project, please contact our Sales Manager Even Birkedal at:

    even.birkedal@simplifai.ai // +47 40077822

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