The digital employee who loves the tedious tasks

The new associate at the claims-handling company Claims Link is named Sødde. It uses artificial intelligence to perform its tasks. 

“The implementation of artificial intelligence has accelerated, and technologies for systems and software that streamline work processes are being developed. This is what we do at Simplifai. Up to now, a common perspective has been that the developer community for high-end technology must be something close to wizards and that several PhDs are needed to be able to create solutions that actually work. Our approach is to create standardised components that can be put together like Lego bricks that everyone can use and build with. This way it will be a lot easier to create new solutions that work even better,” explains Daniel Kohn, CCO of Simplifai.

Some of the new uses of artificial intelligence are in decision support.

“Robots need rules, and with AI robots can operate through direct regulation but can also make decisions when the situation requires it. Therefore, this type of Digital Employee can contribute in cases, for example, of applying a setting. When the robot has received enough information, and the outcomes are self-evident, it can make a decision and continue with its task.”

A dream employee

When we developed the new Digital Employee for Claims Link, we chose to give it the gender-neutral name Sødde. Sødde had its first day at work at the customer support department right after Easter in 2019.

Well placed at the office, Sødde can tell whether it is a notification or a complaint coming in. It recognises the type of case and considers if there is enough information to set up a case for further processing.

“Sødde never shows up late, never goes home, gets sick, skips work, or leaves early to go on a trip. Instead, this loyal, hard-working employee is always doing its job and has infinite resources. It has up to five times greater work capacity and works 5 to 10 times faster than a human being. In many ways, this is the employee of your dreams,” Kohn says with a smile.

A successful project

Mille Haslund Mellbye, Nordic Head of Claims at Claims Link, is very satisfied with the project.

“For us as a small organisation with 70 employees in claims handling, the projects we are working on with Simplifai will make a huge difference. Over the last couple of years, we have had substantial growth and our goal is to continue this trend. We believe this project will increase our efficiency by 30% in our customer department,” she says.

“Our philosophy is that our customers want to communicate with humans. Using this type of technology will liberate our employees from repetitive tasks so that they can give better advice and have more energy and time for our customers.”

“Also, we’ll continue the work to find suitable tasks for Sødde in other parts of the company. We do claims handling with many insurance programmes with different complexities;

however, there are lots of similar and routine tasks that this technology can handle efficiently. And it can contribute to improving our customer experience. We are always working on preparing our responses as quickly as possible, and Sødde gives us time to focus more on the complex tasks and to engage in dialogue with our customers.”

“The project has run smoothly, and we believe that Simplifai is genuinely interested in understanding our organisation, who we are, and our needs. They were surprisingly fast in understanding our processes and came up with suggestions almost immediately. All in all, we are very happy and believe they have handled this project impressively.”

The great question

Many wonder if jobs will be taken away when applying these types of solutions, but Daniel Kohn does not fear this:

“Sødde was welcomed in the customer-service department because it performs a lot of repetitive, tedious tasks that few will miss. At Claims Link, Sødde was met with standing applause and cake. They celebrated the fact that Sødde would be taking care of the monotonous tasks so that they could do more of the exciting and motivational work, in addition to increasing productivity in their department. In this way, the work environment in general is improved.”

Portrettbilde av Mille Mellbye

Mille Haslund Mellbye, Nordic Head of Claims at Söderberg & Partners