1+ million claims automated every year 

Van Ameyde, the European market leader in claims management, loss adjusting, and IT development for the insurance and risk management market, collaborates with Simplifai to revolutionize claims processing. 

What’s in it for you?


Annual claims automated

Handling of 1+ million annual inbound claim-related emails to be automated with Simplifai’s AI Solution. 


Languages implemented 

Operates in 6 office locations, with solutions in Norway, Netherlands, Germany already live, and France, Spain, Portugal soon to follow. 


Availability and Productivity

Processes large volumes of claims fast and accurately round-the-clock, leading to more satisfied clients and more motivated employees. 

Introducing the Van Ameyde Group 

Leading the European market in claims management, loss adjusting, and IT development for insurance and risk management, the Van Ameyde Group processes claims for 1,000+ corporate clients worldwide. Across 30 countries, their 1,500 employees aim to improve decision-making and customer service every day. 

Keeping pace with economic growth 

Van Ameyde annually processes 2-3 million claim-related customer e-mails and documents. Considering the company’s expected growth over the next years, the manual processing of claims will not only consume more and more of their employee’s productive time, but also lengthen response times for customers. 

Drive efficiency, profitability, and scalability

Van Ameyde realized that the ability to utilize automation technology effectively would be critical for their success in the next decade. 

Van Ameyde leverages the full potential of AI technology to achieve their goals 

  • Tackle increasing claim volume to support company’s continuous growth 
  • Save employees time and utilize resources on more complex and customer-centric cases 
  • Gain an edge in the increasingly competitive market in times of staff shortages and inflation 
Pioneering Data Privacy through Rigorous GDPR Adherence

Finding a solution that makes a difference 

  • Simplifai supports Van Ameyde in achieving their strategic imperative with an AI powered solution designed specifically for the insurance industry  
  • Enhances RPA through fully automating the processing of large volumes of free text 
  • We adhere to a ‘privacy by design’ approach, taking data security into consideration from the beginning 
  • The solution is built on GDPR and ISO/IEC 27001:2013 protocol compliant software 

The AI solution from Simplifai will be the next step for us through its capability to read and interpret unstructured ‘free’ text in emails and several other formats of documents where RPA has limitations. Flexibility and simplicity are key here. The combination of the technologies makes it possible to successfully automate a much higher percentage of our process.

Egon Scheers,
Director Operations at Van Ameyde Group

End to end automation: Here’s how it works 

Van Ameyde uses Simplifai’s customized AI solution with the combination of the Email Processing and Document Processing modules. 

NLP (Natural Language Processing) makes it possible to automatically read, understand and interpret natural human language used in client emails and documents. 

  • Solution fetches emails and attachments from multiple email accounts. 
  • Email and document processing are initiated. 
  • Email types are categorized and relevant data for further processing extracted. 
  • Processed correspondence is forwarded to customer application, while any errors are forwarded for manual handling. 

A promising future: Expansion throughout Europe 

Van Ameyde and Simplifai are looking forward to implementing the AI solution in other office locations in Europe. With Dutch, Norwegian and German operations as a focal point during the first wave, other European regions like France, Portugal and Spain are already in the delivery phase. In a later stage, the solution could also expand to other areas in the claims supply chain. 

This will strengthen the competitiveness of Van Ameyde in a number of ways. We observe a clear trend in Europe where our clients focus on the improvement of customer satisfaction, an efficient customer claims journey, and a reduction of loss ratio. The successful use of several innovative AI solutions – like the cooperation with Simplifai – positions Van Ameyde at the forefront of this, which means we will become even more relevant in securing our clients’ stories.

Egon Scheers, Director Operations at Van Ameyde Group 

To learn more about how our AI powered solution enables reliable and fast end to end automation, download the full customer story. 

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