Eika Forsikring automates over 70% of claims handling 

Norwegian insurance leader Eika Forsikring collaborates with Simplifai and Knowit to enhance their digital transformation success.  

Eika Forsikring invested in our AI solution to enhance overall customer experience 

With 220,000+ customers, Eika Forsikring is Norway’s sixth-largest insurance company 

As a leading figure in the industry for 20+ years, Eika Forsikring is committed to providing an inspiring workplace for employees, and exceptional service for their customers. Their network of 1,000+ certified insurance advisors provide expert customer support, guidance, and personalized counseling. 

Manual handling conflicts with prioritizing customer engagement  

Eika Forsikring’s claim handling department receives around 300,000 emails and documents in an average year, in relation to 70,000 claims. They invest significant resources into manually reading, interpreting, classifying, and processing customer data in their systems. 

Ultimately, Eika Forsikring realized that investing in our AI solution would enhance their overall customer experience 

“I am impressed by how quickly we could have such a sophisticated solution in place. This is a win-win situation for us. We have the data, and Simplifai has the solutions and the competence – together, it gives us the ability to create value from our data. This is a good example of an area where it would be inexpedient to build competence and solutions in-house.” 

Thomas Dinhoff Pedersen, CIO at Eika Forsikring 

The goal: Streamlining claims processes to create higher customer value 

  • Scale business operations by 40% every year without upstaffing 
  • Streamline administrative tasks for claims handling and customer support teams 
  • Improve customer satisfaction with faster and more accurate responses 

What’s motivating us is to create great customer experiences and workdays for our case handlers and to free-up time for developing our co-workers. 

Kristin Bjerkli, Head of Claims at Eika Forsikring 
Pioneering Data Privacy through Rigorous GDPR Adherence

Why Eika Forsikring chose Simplifai 

  • Our AI solution automates parts of claims processes and handles repetitive, tedious, and time-consuming tasks 
  • Solution is easy to train, configure, and expand within no-code AI platform Simplifai Studio  
  • We adhere to a ‘privacy by design’ approach, taking data security into consideration from the beginning  
  • The solution is built on GDPR and ISO/IEC 27001:2013 protocol compliant software 

The solution

The solution consists of Email Processing and Document Processing modules to receive and handle emails and attachments.  

It is integrated to front-end systems and back-end applications for faster settlements. 

  • Solution fetches emails/documents from Dynamics 365.
  • Using the Email Processing, emails are read and categorized by type. 
  • If emails have attachments, the solution forwards them to the Document Processing to read and categories the document type. 
  • The solution updates Dynamics 365 with email and document types.

Eika Forsikring successfully streamlines work processes in claims handling, improving employee satisfaction and customer experience. 

The Simplifai solution received unconditionally positive feedback at Eika Forsikring. Their employees perceive it as an opportunity to get more exciting work tasks rather than a threat to their own job. 

In the future, their solution might take on other departments, where large volumes of digital correspondence and inquiries are processed, for example in customer service.

“I think we’ve just scratched the surface on what’s possible – and there’s a lot of potential beyond that. We are excited to get started and will continue to challenge ourselves over time.”

Kristin Bjerkli, Head of Claims at Eika Forsikring 

To learn more about how our AI powered solution enables reliable and fast end to end automation, download the full customer story. 

Invest in future work – today.

According to Gartner, 53% of insurance organizations are actively experimenting with or already implementing digital process automation technologies. 

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