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A peek into Simplifai’s social life

At Simplifai, we believe that a great workplace should be an ideal mix of work and fun. We want to give you a glimpse of some of the social highlights from our Oslo and Pune offices over the past few weeks. 

Onboarding AI Automation? Key Considerations for Data Security and Privacy Compliance 

As AI solutions continue to revolutionize various industries, compliance with regulations and regulatory requirements are becoming increasingly important. In addition to ensuring ethical and fair use of these technologies, compliance is also essential for avoiding legal penalties and maintaining brand reputation.

AI Automation in Front Office: Transforming the Way Banks and Financial Institutions Serve Customers

The aggregate potential cost savings for banks from AI is estimated at $447 billion by 2023, with the front and middle office accounting for $416 billion of that total, as per Autonomous Next research. 

AI-driven ‘Digital Employee’ processes e-mails and documents for Claims Corporation Network

Claims Corporation Network is instructing a digital employee to handle all the claims that come in via e-mail. This digital employee, named Optimus, developed by Simplifai, is like a robot driven by AI and understands and interprets human connection.

Simplifai adds two more BFSI experts to their Nordic sales team

At Simplifai, we have brought extensive experience to the table for Nordics Sales with the hiring of two new Sales Managers. Together with Espen Kongshaug and Maria Fredsvik Lundamo, we are excited to grow our sales operations in the region and expand our market capabilities. They will be reporting to Stian Hovda Bergersen – Head of Sales for the Nordic region, Simplifai.

Intelligent Document Processing – bringing seamless document archival to the Public Sector

As Artificial Intelligence makes its foray into numerous industries, the Public Sector is one such industry where AI-based process automation solutions are being increasingly adopted.

AI-powered customer service in the insurance industry

In recent times, the focus in the insurance industry has shifted towards delivering excellent customer service by adopting a consumer-centric model. As the customer volume steadily increased with rapidly improving tech, the demand increased for using modern technologies to speed up insurance activities. One such technology that has now managed to make a significant foray into this industry is AI in the form of cloud-based solutions.

Why should businesses start adopting no-code and low-code automation platforms

The modern worker now leads a busier work life than before with a need to complete operations and tasks in the least amount of time. With increasing workloads, organizations have been adopting ways to automate daily work processes in the form of business automation.

The dos and don’ts of business automation

Few of the best advancements in technology are rooted in automation. It is the ultimate gamechanger for businesses across verticals. Business automation is nothing but using specialized devices or software to complete tasks with minimal human intervention. It has become the new synonym for process efficiency.