7. February 2024
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  • On-demand Webinar: Insurance meets GPT

    Insurance meets GPT - AI Automation for smart Claims Handling

    Curious about leveraging GPT in Insurance?

    What if we told you that GPT can do more than just generate text? That it can actively support you in performing complex processes, without having to worry about data compliance?

    That is InsuranceGPT – product of combining GPT power and Automation expertise to address Insurance challenges. The first one of its kind.

    If you are curious on how you can leverage GPT in your day-to-day processes in Insurance, join our webinar on March 6, 2024, from 9.00 – 9:40 AM CET to get an exclusive insight into Insurance-tailored AI automation technology.

    On the speakers

    Erik Leung is Co-Founder and Product Visionary at Simplifai. He carries a vast experience of more than two decades in the IT industry and has developed a deep understanding of how to make complex systems work more effectively and efficiently for people.

    Dr. Kamal Ali holds a PhD in Ensemble Learning and 20+ years of experience in Machine Learning and NLP engineering. His dedication to Generative AI led him to work with Large Language Models (LLM) for the past four years. In his position as Chief Data Scientist, he is currently leading Simplifai’s InsuranceGPT project.

    Watch the webinar here