17. October 2023
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  • Strategic Alliance: Simplifai Joins Hands with Front AI to Redefine Conversational Automation in the Nordics

    Simplifai today announced a strategic partnership with Front AI, a renowned leader in customer service automation and conversational AI from the Nordics. 

    Simplifai, as a distinguished provider of AI-driven written communication automation platform, recognizes the significance of this collaboration in elevating the automated response and process capabilities for customer interactions. “Joining forces with Front AI aligns with our vision of delivering comprehensive automation solutions,” remarks a Henrik T. Klemetsen, Head of Global Partnerships, Simplifai. “We are eager to contribute to Front AI’s trailblazing Conversational AI services and their transformative service channel management solution, rechannelled.” 

    Aligning with Front AI will enable Simplifai to further expand its footprint in the Nordic region and gain direct access to a broader range of industries and clientele. By integrating our written communication automation capabilities with Front AI’s established customer service solutions, we anticipate a symbiotic growth trajectory that accentuates our brand value and market reach.  

    Additionally, the shared expertise from this collaboration will catalyze innovation within Simplifai, driving the evolution of our products to cater to an ever-changing business landscape. As we continue our journey of empowering businesses with smart automation, this partnership stands as a testament to our commitment to excellence and our vision for the future. 

    About Front AI: 

    Front AI specializes in customer service automation, helping clients transform their customer service experience with automated 24/7 services. With a strong focus on Conversational AI, the company boasts an impressive customer satisfaction rate (NPS97). Since its inception in 2019, Front AI has successfully implemented over 50 customer service automation projects across the Nordics. Today, it employs over 30 AI professionals in Finland, Sweden, and Denmark.  

    About Simplifai: 

    Simplifai delivers AI-powered solutions to streamline operations by automating processing of written communications. Their easy-to-use Intelligent Process Automation platform simplifies the way people work efficiently and accurately processing customer inquiries, claims, applications, and documents in full compliance with GDPR and industry standards. The results are enhanced customer experience, engaged employees and improved company performance.