Simplifai Hires Henrik T. Klemetsen to Lead Global Partnerships – Adds More Seniority to its Workforce

We are very happy to announce that Henrik T. Klemetsen has joined Simplifai as the Head of Global Partnerships. He will operate from Simplifai’s HQ office in Oslo and support all partner development globally.

Bringing in more than 20+ years of experience in the field of information technology and document management, Henrik will use his valuable skills to develop Simplifai’s partner channels all over the globe. He has worked within the field of process optimization and information management. He has extensive industry experience from all sectors, especially in financial processes. Henrik has worked with several global companies before such as Oracle, Canon, and Kibi, to name a few.

Simplifai is keen to implement his expertise and interests into the tech and AI industry, and convert his vast experience into a professional partner strategy set-up. Under Henrik, a powerful team will be set up to build a strong momentum that can professionalize Simplifai’s partner channel activities.

“To get to use my long-term experience within both the IT industry and partner relationships triggered my curiosity. To get the possibility to build up the Partner Channel in Simplifai globally, I see then as a perfect match.”

Henrik T. Klemetsen

As a hard-working tech wizard having immense knowledge about various aspects of the information technology industry, Henrik will apply his skills to leverage the power of AI and aim towards forming long-lasting business partnerships.

“We are looking forward to seeing how Henrik can help our company, in terms of both existing and future clients. We aim for a world-class partnership channel! As a small, but groundbreaking company in the global AI business, the strong foundation of profitable partnerships is key to our growth strategy. We have taken great steps on this path today with both local consultancies, industry software suppliers, and regional distributors. Now we are ready to invest even more to reach other regions and to expand our support to our partners. In this, we are grateful to have a senior industry executive to spearhead our efforts.”

Daniel Kohn, CCO