Simplifai enters a strategic partnership with Easy2You and anchors a vital position in the digital logistics sector

Simplifai has entered into a strategic partnership agreement with the LogTech company Easy2You Technology

Easy2You Technology has its headquarters in Ålesund, Norway, and delivers digital logistics services to online retailers and the private and public sectors. Their technology platform connects the customer and provider of transportation with advanced algorithms to optimize speed and quality of service.

As part of the agreement, Easy2You will include Simplifai’s AI-driven systems to support fully automated processes.

“We are very happy to get Simplifai’s solutions easily available in our platform,” says the coming Easy2You Technology CEO Espen Slyngstad.

Transportation management

Entering into the agreement with Easy2You is part of Simplifai’s strategy to grow revenue in the transportation and logistics sector.

“Documentation requirements in transportation and logistics, and the volume of correspondence and documents that are exchanged between the different provider of services is almost incomprehensibly high. Hence, Simplifai’s AI-driven technologies, which help our clients to automate these processes, could play an important role in automating and optimizing an area where volume is the game-changer,” says Bård Myrstad, CEO of Simplifai.

For further information, please contact:

Bård Myrstad, CEO Simplifai, tel: +47 415 03 263