Simplifai Emailbot now available in Puzzel

Our AI-powered Emailbot can now streamline your Puzzel Contact Centre, handling incoming emails and tickets automatically. 

Free up valuable time for your support agents by letting Emailbot empower your team, taking care of the repetitive tasks. Our AI email automation solution can receive and interpret emails, classify and interact with stakeholders and customers. By identifying the sender’s intentions it can be configured to perform various actions for different email categories and types of requests. 

In Puzzel Marketplace, the Emailbot simply provides the information and insights for the agent to solve the ticket efficiently. It can update tickets automatically 24 hours a day, relieving staff from manual work and reducing the time of ticket handling significantly. 


  • Classify emails and extract key information for process automation 
  • Reply and request Information 
  • Add Notes to tickets based on information received in the email  
  • Update ticket status and assign tickets to human agents 
  • Dispatch mail to human agents and feed all the insights derived using AI to agents. 


“Contact centers are busier than ever – and demand for AI-powered tools that can streamline workflows and increase efficiency is growing. By integrating Simplifai’s Emailbot, Puzzel can provide businesses with an easy way to improve their email handling, reduce response times, and deliver a better customer experience. Importantly, it also improves the agent experience by taking care of repetitive tasks and freeing teams to focus on high-value requests.” 

Robert Wiles, Partner Channel Director at Puzzel. 


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