Simplifai Bags Deal with Home First Finance Company in India – To Automate Sales-Lead Generation and Qualification Process

Simplifai signs an exciting deal with Home First Finance Company (HFFC) in India to manage and integrate process automation through an AI-driven Chatbot solution. HFFC receives around 150-200 chat inquiries every day from several platforms namely their web portal and WhatsApp. Simplifai’s omnichannel Chatbot will provide real-time customer support by streamlining conversation flow to get higher conversion rates. Simplifai was selected amidst strong competition from a pool of several vendors offering similar Chatbot solutions popular in the Indian market region.

The Home First Finance Company is based out of Mumbai. This organization mainly caters to low- and middle-income groups by offering affordable housing loans to construct and purchase new homes. In addition, it also offers loans against properties, developer finance loans, and various other financial requirements. HFFC is spread across a strong network of 70 branches in 60 different districts. They operate these branches from 11 states and 1 union territory in India. This company is most widespread in the states of Karnataka, Maharashtra, Gujarat, and Tamil Nadu. 

Looking forward to a fruitful collaboration with Simplifai to implement Chatbot solution which will make the Customer Interactions and Onboarding a seamless affair.

~ Ajay Khetan, CBO – HFFC

As businesses grow more and more competitive, they require a robust customer service framework to satisfy consumers’ demands. The same need was felt by HFFC when many resources started being spent on satisfying customer inquiries, especially during peak work hours. 

Simplifai’s off-the-shelf Chatbot solution powered by Artificial Intelligence can provide value-driven, contextual support to their customers and other prospects by engaging them in real-time conversion. The project’s aim is to save significant time and resource costs spent on an average per the lead qualification of inquiries handled, compared to the same expenditure occurring while customer executives manually answer calls. 

We are very glad to have signed up with a major player in the finance sector in India. This reaffirms the belief in our solutions that have the power to change the financial world and deliver promises on a large-scale basis. We hope towards an exciting future with Home First Finance Company to further our growth in the home loans domain.

~ Bård Myrstad, CEO – Simplifai

Simplifai will target a high success rate per interaction by deploying their Chatbot solution that can result in systematically scaling up the chat support offered by HFFC to deliver enhanced lead engagement. This deal will also comprise a second phase of implementing the Chatbot in customer onboarding and other services.