Launching the first Emailbot in the Nordics

The launch of the Emailbot training interface will change the game of AI in customer service — forever.

After over a year of research and development, we have finally cracked the code to build a tool so simple most people can use it. A tool yet powerful enough to tackle a majority of all incoming emails to businesses inboxes — whether from customers, colleagues, or vendors.

Right before the turn of the new year, our product development team had worked around the clock to deliver — what was previously considered near impossible — a simple user interface for someone to train a bot to classify, interpret and process emails. 

Up until this point, we had only seen rule-based Emailbot products that classify emails based on keywords (kind of like Google and Outlook), or Emailbots that use a massive regular expression to identify contents within emails. And any attempt to extract information from and process incoming emails had been costly consultancy projects. 

But about a year ago, Simplifai launched an AI-based Emailbot that can be “trained” to classify emails and extract the content of the emails. 

Through our early adopters, we have proved that this new technology can be used across industries and trained on different emails with the same accuracy. This reduces the manual processing of reading emails and tediously punching information into different CRM or back-office systems.

Simplifai’s Emailbot now allows businesses to process up to 60% of incoming emails automatically with as little as three weeks of training. The performance of the Emailbot will further improve over time through the correction of mistakes, and some of our customers are already processing more than 80% of emails automatically after only six months in production.

For any business with thousands of emails, this would significantly reduce the time of processing inquiries. And their customers would, in turn, receive almost instant replies — for the best possible customer experience. 

As we all know, once the bar has been raised, there is no way back to waiting a day or two for a reply.

And, in addition to being fast…

  • Emailbot can also process emails with higher quality than manual processing.
  • Emailbot will never get it wrong again after getting it right the first time.
  • Emailbot recognizes emails that it can’t process and seamlessly forward them to colleagues or use them for further training.

Now, any business that has about 3000 historical emails can start the training and get to — just like our current customers — see the revolutionary Emailbot in action. Not in years or months, but in weeks.