15. June 2022
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  • Knowit Denmark forms new partnership with Simplifai

    One year after partnering with Knowit Norway, Simplifai has formed a strong collaboration with Knowit Denmark, bringing the two companies closer together and strengthening Simplifai’s presence in the Danish market.  

    “By tying an even closer partnership with Knowit, we will offer our Digital Employees to nearly all Danish sectors. We know that consultancy companies such as Knowitwork closely with businesses and organizations struggling to manage the ever-increasing need for automation of customer requests and manual document processes, and thus can help to bring Simplifai’s Digital Employees closer to the end customers”

    Rasmus Lyhne, Head of Sales at Simplifai Denmark.

    “In Simplifai we see a fast-growing and interesting AI company that has developed and commercialized the next automation-wave technology after Robotic Process Automation and Chatbots. With their Email- and Documentbots, Simplifai makes it relatively simple to automate needless manual processes”,

    Johnny René Jensen, Principal Consultant at Knowit Solutions Denmark

    From experience, Simplifai knows that private and public medium to large customers can automate and free up 70 to 92 percent of manual work. This allows them to concentrate on more valuable and rewarding tasks in today’s labor-scarce society.  

    An example of this is Norway’s third-largest insurance claims company, EIKA Forsikring. Together with one of Simplifai’s Norwegian partners, Knowit Norway, EIKA Forsikring was able to achieve an 82 percent automation grade of incoming claim requests. 

    Not only can Simplfai free up time and manual work, but the solution can also be implemented quickly. Simplifai can provide a Danish workforce of Digital Employees, pre-trained and ready within just 3-6 weeks to eliminate manual work processes within their segments. 

    “Working fully in the MS Azure cloud, compliant with most predominant APIs it can be implemented quickly and can seamlessly be combined with RPA solutions like UiPath and chatbots like boost.ai if so desired”,

    Johnny René Jensen, Principal Consultant at Knowit Solutions Denmark.

    For more information, please contact Rasmus Lyhne, Head of Sales Denmark at  rasmus.lyhne@simplifai.ai or tel: +45 53 86 19 75

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