The Next Step in the Digital Transformation for BFSI

With ever-changing innovations, trends, and customer experiences, every industry is experiencing a fast-paced Digital Transformation, and BFSI (Banks, Financial Services, and Insurance) companies are no exception to it. Digital Transformation is becoming essential in achieving market dominance and facilitating an innovation-focused culture. 

The future of the BFSI industry is highly influenced by organizational agility. In times when most of our daily activities are online, digitized, and user-oriented, BFSI interaction is not always a happy customer experience. Many companies still manually process chats, emails, and documents, which is costly, time-consuming, and unproductive. 

In this webinar recording, you’ll learn how your business can stay competitive and meet the increasing customer expectations. Through automation, you can increase efficiency, scale up operations, and improve customer satisfaction by reducing the response time and, at the same time, increasing the quality. See examples of AI-powered automation solutions that comprise Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) to help businesses overcome the above challenges.  

Hosted by Mr. Ketan Sharma, Head of Sales, and Mr. Mihir Verma, Enterprise Account Manager, they extensively explain the use of IPA and how it is pivotal for Digital Transformation in the BFSI sector.  And how Simplifai’s Digital Employee solution can help companies achieve end-to-end automation, together with an analysis of industry trends and main challenges and how to overcome them. 

Watch the full recording below and learn how AI solutions can streamline your daily operations across various domains. 


– What’s happening/trends in the BFSI industry
– The What and why of Intelligent Process Automation
– About Digital Employee AI Solution
– How to get started