Simplifai wins first contract in Singapore

Singapore-based Nevigate Communications Pte Ltd. select Simplifai to provide AI email automation solutions.

Simplifai will support Nevigate’s digital transformation project with automation of their customer inquiries and incident reports. Nevigate today receives around 40,000 emails that include customer service inquiries per month and most of these are projected to be handled automatically by Simplifai’s Digital Employees.

Nevigate Communications (Nevigate) is an independent global network services and solutions provider headquartered in Singapore, with regional offices located in Cyprus, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and the United Arab Emirates. With Asia as its backyard, the company possesses extensive knowledge of this market in the APAC region. They also aim to serve the APAC region better with more alternatives being planned to roll out soon.

Nevigate’s unique high-performance Virtual Network Overlay Platform offers businesses a carrier-independent and carrier-neutral network, spanning more than 180 countries. They constantly strive to build and strengthen their network of leading telecommunication partners across the globe. An influx of several thousand emails every month set up an opportunity for Simplifai’s Digital Employees to handle the increasing volume of customer inquiries for Nevigate’s continued business expansion.

The main aim, in this case, is to create significant time and cost savings for Nevigate’s existing operations and to secure gains in the quality and efficiency of the company’s customer experience, and facilitate an operations platform to support Nevigate’s future expansion.

“A successful adoption of automation and digital transformation solutions from Simplifai will be the key driver to our organisational effectiveness and the continuity for business survival”

Tan Ghee Khoon, Managing Director of Nevigate.

Simplifai’s Digital Employees can understand all types of free text communications and analyze and process large amounts of data to perform intelligent actions based on this information. With its Digital Employee, Simplifai will enable Nevigate to sort the customer emails according to category and reduce the response times for the emails. The AI solution will also integrate Nevigate’s ERP and JIRA platforms to generate tickets for different operations.

“We are really looking forward to assisting Nevigate through their digital transformation. Being our first contract in the APAC outside India, we see this contract as the door opener into the broader APAC market, which is the next step in our international expansion plan out of the India commercial hub” says Bård Myrstad, CEO of Simplifai.”

Bård Myrstad, CEO of Simplifai.

Simplifai was selected amidst strong competition from several global suppliers of AI solutions ready to provide its services to Nevigate. The network services company also has high expectations for future roles handled by Digital Employees in other areas of the company operations.

For further information, please contact:

Bård Myrstad, CEO of Simplifai, tel: +47 415 03 263

or Kjersti Kanne, CEO of Elop, tel: +47 480 31 075