Why become a Simplifai partner?

Partner with Simplifai to leverage the power of AI

Building partnerships is crucial for your business to strengthen the portfolio as well as create new avenues for growth. The concept of partnering with another business goes back in time for sharing knowledge with each other and working together to grow the business. These core principles of strategic partnerships are still adopted in the modern world with contemporary changes. 

By becoming a partner with Simplifai, you can transform your business with several advantages that AI offers, ultimately bringing Intelligent Process Automation into daily work processes. We provide all the necessary intelligence and resources required to scale up your growth by using the power of Artificial Intelligence. Becoming a partner with Simplifai entails several advantages. However, before we go into more details about our Partner Program, let us tell you more about our company. 


Simplifai – Who are we? 

We are a leading Artificial Intelligence company offering end-to-end process automation through Digital Employees. This solution makes use of a modular approach by combining different products from Simplifai such as Emailbot, Documentbot, and Chatbot, together with the Rules Engine and API/RPA integration. You can use any of these bots as individual products for your business or combine them just like Lego pieces – and prepare your own customized Digital Employee solution! 

Using a Digital Employee is an advanced way to incorporate process automation that can streamline daily work activities in your business environment. Our AI-powered Digital Employees facilitate better outcomes by delivering exceptional support and a customized experience for businesses. 

Our AI solutions can read, interpret, and analyze human communications and can work in numerous departments such as customer service, case handling, ticket generation, and many more. Powered by Natural Language Processing, our Digital Employees can provide you with up to 90% automation and help cut costs for your business. 

Benefits of becoming a Simplifai Partner

  • AI-driven end-to-end automation products and solutions for daily work processes
  • Access to Simplifai Global Partner Program
  • Participation in joint marketing activities with Simplifai
  • Access to a state-of-the-art platform for assembling your Digital Employee
  • Gain knowledge in AI processes
  • Incorporate Artificial Intelligence in your own products and services 


Different Types of Partnerships Available 

Partnerships work the best when strategically implemented with a global focus and a zeal to make new connections. After all, a partnership is all about knowledge sharing and giving rise to business harmony that is useful for both parties to advance in their respective industries. Keeping this thought in mind, we offer three types of core partnerships at the moment.

  • Technology Partnership
  • Consulting Partner
  • Reseller Partner

If your business is looking toward integrating AI into your products and services, then becoming a Technology Partner is the best option for your organization. Not only does this partnership enable you to incorporate AI in your solutions, but also can improve market presence with the latest tech-enabled services. 

When it comes to being a Consulting Partner, we offer best-in-class AI product modules and other add-ons to boost the capabilities of your services. Modify your products with our solutions in this partnership. 

The third type of partnership we offer is to become a Reseller Partner. We recommend this category for your business, especially if you wish to not deliver the services by yourself. You can also expand your product line with our AI modules in this partnership. 


Bonus Privilege – Simplifai Partner Kit 

We at Simplifai can provide you with a complete Partner Kit containing access to detailed information about our individual products such as Emailbot, Documentbot, and Chatbot, along with the Digital Employee. The kit will also house more information about the Partner Portal, Partner team, correspondence details, and much more.

You can contact us through the following details if you need more information directly from our Partner team: 

Henrik Thomas Klemetsen – Head of Global Partnerships, Simplifai
Email – henrik.klemetsen@simplifai.ai
Tel. – +47 93852211

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