3. August 2023
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  • Simplifai welcomes two new Key Account Managers to their Nordic Sales Team

    We are thrilled to introduce two highly experienced and motivated professionals joining our Nordic Sales team.

    Allow us to introduce you to our talented new additions to the Simplifai team, Joachim Mandt Larsen and Oskar Nybråten, who have taken the position of Key Account Managers. They will be reporting to Henrik Thomas Klemetsen, Simplifai’s Head of Global Partnerships.

    Meet Joachim Mandt Larsen

    With 8 years of experience in the Software Industry, Joachim has honed his skills as a dedicated and proactive professional. He has previously worked with Saas companies such as Tripletex AS and Questback AS, and healthcare companies such as Avonova Norge AS and Infopad AS, gaining valuable insights that will undoubtedly prove beneficial to the team at Simplifai.
    In his new role as a Key Account Manager, Joachim will take on the main responsibility of maintaining existing customers and ensuring they achieve their goals and desired outcomes with our products and solutions. Larsen’s dedication and expertise will play a pivotal role in fostering strong customer relationships and driving success for both our clients and Simplifai.

    I’m thrilled to join Simplifai because of their cutting-edge AI technology, which enables us to deliver effective solutions that exceed our customers’ expectations and create exceptional journeys. Being a part of Simplifai’s mission, alongside such a talented team, is truly exciting. I’m eager to contribute to our customers’ positive transformation through the power of AI.

    ~ Joachim Mandt Larsen, Key Account Manager

    In his free time, Joachim enjoys engaging in various outdoor activities such as cross-country skiing and road cycling.  He also likes quality moments with his family and friends and has a taste for fine food and wine.

    For more information about Joachim Mandt Larsen, you can get in touch with him at:
    Email: joachim.larsen@simplifai.ai
    Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/joachim-mandt-larsen-47437951/

    Meet Oskar Nybråten

    With an MSc in Organizational Psychology and an impressive 7 years of experience in the Tech industry, having worked for industry giants like Oracle and Salesforce, Oskar is well-prepared to excel in his new role as a Key Account Manager.

    At Simplifai, Oskar’s primary focus will be on empowering our existing customers to achieve their objectives while adeptly showcasing the value and impact of our platform. Furthermore, he is determined to establish Simplifai as a dependable and strategic partner, guiding our customers throughout their AI journey.

    In terms of professional beliefs and virtues, Oskar describes himself as highly creative and curious. These two exceptional traits, combined with his unwavering work ethic, have contributed to his efficiency and goal-oriented nature which we are convinced will be invaluable in ensuring the success of the team at Simplifai.

    I joined Simplifai because I am truly impressed by their vision and expertise in AI, and I am thrilled to be part of the transformative journey they are pioneering in this field. Coming from large American tech companies, I am now eager to join Simplifai as a scaleup with the potential and ambition to become a major player in this market.

    ~ Oskar Nybråten, Key Account Manager

    When he is not working, Oskar enjoys spending time with his family of 4 and improv comedy. He’s also a fan of outdoor activities, such as running and climbing.

    For more information about Oskar Nybråten, you can get in touch with him at:

    Email: oskar.nybraten@simplifai.ai
    Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/oskarnybraaten/

    Welcome to Simplifai, Joachim Mandt Larsen and Oskar Nybråten!