Simplifai Expands with Stronger Employee Workforce Across Different Teams Bringing Onboard Massive Experience

A Humble Beginning 

When Simplifai was established in 2017 by Bård Myrstad and Erik Leung, we barely employed a handful of team members in Oslo, Norway. The major focus was especially imparted on setting up the initial operating procedures. In 2018, we began to aim towards scaling up our base globally. Following the establishment of the company headquarters in Oslo, our vision turned into reality as we set up a small team in India and Ukraine, and the first glimpse of horizontal team growth began to be visible. 


SteppingStones towards Global Expansion 

In Ukraine, the initial hires of Stanislav Romashav in mid-2018 and Bohdan Malyzhev in early 2019 proved to be an excellent foundation for overseas activities dealing with web development, data science, and AI training. 2019 saw steady growth in our teams as key positions were filled. Soon, a major team expansion phase began in mid-2020 with the launch of sales and marketing operations in India, in addition to the plans for upscaling activities in Norway and Ukraine. Many other mid-level senior positions were soon created in our offices in Oslo, Pune, and Kyiv. 

Consequently, ever since Simplifai established its sales and marketing operations in India in 2020, the company has grown extensively in terms of team strength. At the same time, Aparna Hemmady (HR Manager) took over the reins for the vital expansion in India, supported by her dedicated team members as vital cogs in hiring well-qualified candidates. This proved to be a crucial gamechanger for Simplfai’s employee diversification as a major chunk of the company’s workforce strength now exists in India. The HR team in India has been responsible for nearly doubling the company’s workforce since the past year.

As our reach grew to more regions, we signed up deals with strong partners such as Brandsdal in Norway, Nevigate in Singapore, VAD Technologies in the Middle East, and most recently with Documaster. Backed with two key partners being signed earlier – TodAI in Denmark and KnowIt in Norway, we saw a dire need for onboarding personnel to handle the relevant activities. Such an expansion in the regional and clientele context made us increase our hiring potential, which soon resulted in fruition.

Key Hires Since the Past Year 

Some of the initial human resources onboarded since the last year include Lise Fimreite Simensen in Oslo (Sr. Business Developer), and Ketan Sharma (Head – SME Sales)Gokul Ambekar (Head – Enterprise Sales and Partnerships), Tejas Kamble (Marketing Manager) in PuneTheir respective teams grew rapidly with several mid-level and junior employees hired in the second half of 2020 and in 2021. We also began our sales unit in the Netherlands under Kyrre Garseth in 2020. He now oversees sales in the Benelux region for Simplifai.

Recently in 2021, we hired a talented pool of employees in Oslo having high seniority based on their experience in myriad fields. Starting with Henrik T. Klemetsen as Head of Global Partnerships, Line Therese Jørgensen as Head of Global Delivery, and Stian Hovda Bergersen as Head of Sales – Nordic Region, Simplifai cemented the approach towards a strong leadership at the helm in Norway. Subsequently, other prominent onboardings of Tommy Nilsen as Sales Manager – Public Sector in Norway and Lindell Finsy as Senior Sales Executive – Benelux region, are expected to provide immense support to the management.

Support Through Subordinate Positions and New Office Spaces 

Our teams did not expand only from a seniority angle. We also grew rapidly as scores of AI trainers, sales account managers, marketing personnel, product delivery heads, and sales executives were hired across regions. We practically increased our employee strength in less than a year by almost 90%, thus contributing to fulfilling our vision of providing the best possible AI-driven automation solutions to businesses.

Armed with a strong team force, Simplifai now looks forward to expanding like never before in the field of artificial intelligence solutions. The next phase of our growth plans has already started with the establishment of two new offices, one each in Norway and India, to provide fantastic workspace-based support for our burgeoning team strength.