Starting Out Small

When Simplifai started out in 2017 in Norway through the vision of two entrepreneurs – Bård Myrstad and Erik Leung, the company established headquarters in Oslo and did not have a presence in any other region. However, we soon set up offshore offices in Pune, India, and Kyiv, Ukraine, in the subsequent months. This started a phase that would culminate with a stable presence in more than three countries in the next four years, complete with brand new partnership signups and other exciting deals.

Regional expansion strategies are key to the growth of a company, especially when an organization such as Simplifai provides intelligent AI solutions that are suitable for businesses all over the globe. Keeping this philosophy in mind, Simplifai decided to take in a global approach that could cater to a wider audience in different regions. We also set up suitable sales strategies that could work for a global audience. This helped rope in several noteworthy clients in our targeted BFSI industry as well as otherwise.


Catalysts for Progress in Other Countries

At Simplifai, we are now rapidly expanding across new geographical boundaries, and moving into new territories beyond the Nordics and Indian subcontinent. Recently, we signed up new partnerships like VAD Technologies in the Middle East and new deals like Nevigate in Singapore, to name a few, that have greatly contributed towards proliferating the company’s outreach. We are also bringing a change to our presence on social media to mirror the growth in new geographies.

As partnerships and clientele grew, it became necessary to handle the incoming work on a larger scaleThis also made it prudent for  Simplifai to positively promote its products and services across different industries. To tackle this necessity, the workforce strength in the company started expanding across different regions and nearly doubled in a time span of a year. Ranging from team heads to managerial level staff and AI trainers to sales personnel, nearly all teams dramatically witnessed an increase in work strength across Norway, India, and Ukraine. We are now expanding in other regions as well such as the Netherlands and Denmark.


Looking Forward Towards a Complete Global Presence 

Although Simplifai upholds its services to be suitable for organizations all over the globe, the company looks forward to achieving this goal on a much broader scale. Operational methodologies in different organizations across continents may vary dramatically. Thus, to maintain established brand identity and fulfill a positive service-based experience regardless of regions, Simplifai will start adapting to different work methods in the long term.

Simplifai is now reaching out for potential dialogues in geographies such as South-East Asia, Canada, Australia, and other European countries as well – for instance in Sweden, to proliferate expansion in new territories. New offices planned in Norway and India will also act as major supporting factors to house a burgeoning family of employees. Thus, Simplifai is well on its track towards maintaining its aim of achieving operational efficiency in businesses with the help of AI-powered solutions, all over the world.