Simplifai enters Denmark, partnering with TodAI (ECIT group)

TodAI AS – part of the ECIT group, sees great opportunities in the Danish market for AI automation with Simplifai’s Solutions.

TodAI was established to help businesses utilize artificial intelligence easily and to derive value quickly. AI has reached the point where companies can use the solutions in their daily operations and exploit the benefits of lower costs along with a high-profit realization. TodAI was formed as a partnership between ECIT and Dan Rose Johansen, with them having long experience in Process Automation, document handling, and AI. Their goal was to build a platform for AI, for the customers of ECIT and external commercializing.

The Nordic market is an early-mover when it comes to using new technology. Even then, AI still has an unused opportunity for most businesses. In contrast to tailoring and expensive consultancy projects, Simplifai and TodAI/ECIT wish to help businesses exploit the potentials for further streamlining with Simplifai’s easy-to-use platform with off-the-shelf products based on AI.

With a strong focus on the BFSI sector, TodAI/ECIT is a good partner for Simplifai to develop their core market. Having a solid presence and establishment in Denmark is a great next step for Simplifai’s international expansion plan, and the partnership supports its growth target for 2021.