Simplifai enters into a partnership with ProffCom for customer support services with AI-powered solutions

Simplifai has entered into a partnership agreement with ProffCom AS for the Norwegian market.

ProffCom is a leading provider of customer support services to several companies in many industries. They have experience in banking, media, logistics, electricity, telecom, and security and deliver a variety of solutions. Their solutions range from operating entire customer centers to being a flexible collaboration partner for customer traffic associated with the customer journeys that they handle. With more than 200 employees, they are primarily located in Oslo and have two more branches in other regions of Norway. ProffCom also has a presence in Belgrade, Serbia in collaboration with NoviCom. 

As part of the agreement, ProffCom will include Simplifai’s AI-powered solutions in its offering to assist Norwegian public and private customers in arranging for automatic receipt and administration of e-mail as well as user or customer inquiries, including handling documents. ProffCom will also train resources using Simplifai’s solutions that will enable them to assist in the delivery of projects to other Simplifai customers. 


We as a full-service supplier can offer both traditional and automated customer service. Because of our new partnership with Simplifai, we are now even better equipped to offer our existing and new customers a much greater degree of automation of customer service – especially by email. This will help create even better customer experiences,

~ says ProffCom’s sales director, Robert Gati 


“The volumes of inquiries to customer centers do not seem to decrease immediately. The number of transactions made digitally increases steadily and thus customers also need to communicate with both manufacturers and suppliers of products and services in the market. The transition from telephone and email to chat has not been significant as seen in analytical projections, although the number of chats has increased considerably in the last 4 years. There are thus a large number of emails Simplifai’s solutions can help to handle in a much better way than that each of them must be read and handled by a customer center employee.” 

“This is a market we see great potential in and strongly want to contribute with an optimization of efforts and results for each individual end customer.” 

Customers’ desire and need for quick, consistent answers to emails increases with time. If you can also extend the “opening hours” for when you can get help, this is a very exciting extension of the service offer for ProffCom’s customers. We look forward to the way forward in the collaboration and to being the preferred supplier of intelligent email handling,

~ says Bård Myrstad – CEO of Simplifai


For more information, contact: 

Bård Myrstad, CEO, Simplifai, tel: +47 415 03 263,