Simplifai Delivers a Digital Building Case Archivist to Documaster’s environment in Trondheim Municipality

Through their partner Documaster, Simplifai has entered a contract with Trondheim municipality continuing their public sector growth strategy. 

This is Simplifai’s third delivery in collaboration with Documaster since they were signed as a reseller partner for the AI company earlier this year. 

“This illustrates how the partnership can create value for our customers,”

says Bård Myrstad, CEO at Simplifai. 


Trondheim Municipality is one of Norway’s most populated municipalities and has a history dating all the way back to 997 AD and the Viking era. A long history also means a massive archive, and The Municipal Archives of Trondheim bears a very important responsibility to preserve the city’s memories and heritage.

Trondheim’s archive center is named after their next-door neighbor – the former submarine bunker, Dora. Here thousands of shelf-meters of archive is stored, and the building case archives alone consist of stored boxes, folders, and papers lining up to more than one kilometer. In recent times, most of this archive has been scanned and digitalized. However, there are a few shortcomings in this work, which makes it challenging and time-consuming for the personnel to navigate through the digital archive. 

 This year, the Municipal Archives of Trondheim celebrate their 75th anniversary. On that occasion, they want to give an anniversary gift for the city and its citizens, by categorizing and organizing the digitalized historical building case archives. This is what Simplifai’s Digital Building Case Archivist will help them up with.

In the same way as human employees, the Digital Building Case Archivist will follow the national guidelines for categorization of building case documents (ArkivLett). After reading and interpreting the content in the document folders, the Digital Employee will separate the different types of documents, such as applications, maps, drawings, decision papers, certificates of completion, etc. Following this, the Digital Building Case Archivist will save the interpreted material back in Trondheim’s archive solution, Documaster, with the correct category and metadata.

This entire process will take place within a few seconds, meaning that the Digital Building Case Archivist will complete a significantly comprehensive and demanding clean-up job in record time. In addition, the building case archive will be quickly accessible and searchable for Trondheim’s citizens. The Digital Building Case Archivist will also ensure high quality of work, which will increase the degree of self-service and consequently reduce the case handling time. This benefits both Trondheim’s employees and citizens, who all can get the information they need quickly and easily online. 

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