RPA & Emailbot – How to enhance your RPA solution with free-text and email capabilites

The Covid19 pandemic has put pressure on how we run our business all over the world and stability and maximum utilization of digital processes is key for future success.

The RPA technology has for the past years helped automate processes in a wide range of industries, and a preferred tool for both consultancies and internal-company automation teams.

The most challenging part of any process automation has until now been an element of free text, i.e. the recipient of an email. Simplifai’s Emailbot creates a unique solution to all such problems and gives any RPA process the ability to now tackle such challenges with just a few clicks. In this webinar, Erik Leung will go through all of the elements of our solution.

Short on time? Here are some helpful Webinar shortcuts:

00:35 – The why of automation

02:40 – What Simplifai do as an AI company automating work processes

06:50 – Our Digital Employee solution (not a digital assistant)

10:15 – Example of Digital Employee as first-line support using Emailbot

14:34 – How to train the Emailbot – how much time and data you need

17:03 – Emailbot + RPA = «Robust» Process Automation.

20:20 – Reference case – Claims Link

22:35 – Live Demo of Digital Employee using RPA

27:50 Q&As