Make a Difference to your Business with Intelligent Process Automation (IPA)

The maturity of no-code artificial intelligence (AI) applications, including their vendors, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Application Programming Interface (API), Intelligence Process Automaton (IPA), decision engine, and cloud architecture has created an accessible cost-elastic ecosystem. In other words, it’s an operational environment that’s freely available, cost-effective, no to low code off-the-shelf business automation solutions. This ecosystem has overcome many obstacles towards smoothly adopting and integrating Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) necessary to manage the deluge of emails, documents, and chat communications.

In fact, along with third-party CRM and or other back-end applications, it is now possible to manage and achieve high levels of automation for emails, documents, and chat handling with an integrated approach using an all-in-one integrated AI platform. Let’s talk more about this later and first, understand how Intelligent Process Automation can help businesses. 

Doing Business Automation Intelligently 

IPA relates to a group of technologies including RPA, API, AI, and ML (Machine Learning) – an AI sub-discipline. You can refer to the diagram below. Robotic Process Automation, or RPA, implies a set of automated software tools that help organizations automate processes by mimicking human actions on computers. An application Programming Interface (API) is a software intermediary that allows two applications to talk and interact with each other. All combined, these facilitate businesses to automate processes by removing repetitive, monotonous, and routine tasks from the equation. 

From the perspective of written text, the above relates to managing free-text heavy (unstructured) emails, documents, and chat inquiries on a 24/7 scale. The aim is to minimize the burden for employees, thus helping them focus on other high-priority or complex tasks rather than time-consuming repetitive tasks. These reflect cost-saving efficiency for businesses with happier employees and satisfied customers. This indeed is a win-win situation for all stakeholders.  

So, by combining RPA and/or API with AI technologies and in the case of free text, Natural Language Processing (NLP), IPA can help organizations automate front and back-end processes. These very processes have until now been mostly manual and less efficient.

Intelligent automation makes these routine tasks quicker and more reliable, helping to reduce potential human error. It also helps to better augment (assist) the workforce with a team of software bots to further increase efficiency, accuracy, quality, and productivity. In other words, what we have here is humans and bots working side-by-side for the benefit of the human, customers, and organization. 

What makes Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) simple and accessible to all

Regardless of size, two important elements make customer service IPA applications accessible for any organization and help to break down adoption obstacles: 

  1. Cloud Platforms (ecosystem)
  2. No Code Applications

Or simply combined No Code Cloud-Based Applications.

Cloud Ecosystem

Running business applications on the cloud eliminates infrastructure/setup costs. The infrastructure or ecosystem is already set up for you. As a business, you simply ‘rent’ in the cloud what you need.  

This saves time, cost, and you can also manage security matters, and scale up depending on the business needs and market situation. 

With third-party applications, easily integrate with other cloud services through API or RPA connections. Remember, it’s a cloud ecosystem meaning application integration is a part of the ecosystem’s DNA. Think of it as a friendly cooperative community.  

Connect to a host of applications with API:

No Code AI applications = No technical skills needed  

No Code AI application allows for faster, cost-effective, and scalable integration and implementation. No-code intelligent automation AI solutions are like no-code web design in which everything is pre-coded, and one only needs to be customized as per the business requirement.  

Essentially, anyone can configure, train, set rules and actions for bots to understand and extract data from free-text heavy emails and documents, and easily work on the platform. One doesn’t need to have experience in coding for the same. In other words, you don’t need to hire developers or have technical knowledge. Just a good command of the target language is more than enough.  

No Code – AI training with tagging intents and entities:

Simplfai Studio – a user-friendly no-code platform

A great example of a No Code AI application that carries multi-language support and is hosted securely on the cloud with GDPR and Schrems II compliance is the Simplifai Studio platform. What we have here is data protected with encryption when stored, but also auto-deleted within a specified time frame. Any data that is stored contains all sensitive information that is anonymized.

Within Simplifai Studio, after importing a limited number of email samples, you can intuitively select and tag keywords as entities and intentions of the email text. With this information, train your very own AI bot to open, read, identify, classify, and process emails, documents, and chats. For example, one can identify and define actions like reply, forward, move to folder, or connect to a 3rd party application such as a CRM.

Leading document handling solution: no-code

For handling documents, the same No-Code or template-free approach has been adopted. The ability of Simplifai’s AI technology to classify documents extract information and archive documents propel automation to another level. It certainly is worth a few minutes of your time for a demo.

To summarize, as an organization you might experience the requirement to process a high volume of emails and documents efficiently and accurately with ‘x’ number of resources. In this case, introducing Intelligent Process Automation is a must and with no-code cloud-based applications, the obstacles to introducing, integrating, and operating IPA solutions to manage email and document loads are no longer present. There should be nothing that holds an organization back from benefiting and making a difference with IPA. 

About Simplifai

Simplifai is an AI solutions company that provides end-to-end automation for businesses dealing with free text emails, documents, and chat communications.

Along with RPA, API, and advanced NLP technology. Simplifai offers off-the-shelf modules and tailored solutions that work with any third-party system programmed to carry out specific tasks at the front- and back-end and all with high-grade automation.