28. September 2023
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  • Insurance Innovators Summit

    Meet us at the world’s leading Insurance conference in London.

    Insurance Innovators Summit

    With 1200+ attendees and 150+ speakers from all over the world, the summit is setting the agenda for insurance innovation. From navigating new risks and exploring the metaverse to discussing the future of auto insurance, it promises to provide valuable insights into today’s most critical issues and facilitate meaningful dialogues with industry leaders.

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    Transforming Insurance with AI

    Discover the Cutting-Edge World of AI

    At Simplifai, we’re pioneering the application of artificial intelligence in the insurance sector. Join us at the Insurance Innovation Summit to explore the transformative power of AI.

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    Meet our AI Experts

    Our team of AI experts will be available throughout the event to showcase our AI solutions, discuss their potential applications for your business, and answer any questions you may have.


    Erik Leung

    Co-Founder and Product Visionary


    Aron Kozak

    Marketing Director


    Wouter van de Stadt

    Sales Manager Benelux


    Siyar Naim

    Sales Manager Benelux

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    • Name: Insurance Innovators Summit
    • Date: November 15-16, 2023
    • Place: London, United Kingdom
    • Attendees: Erik Leung, Co-Founder and Product Visionary | Kyrre Garseth, Head of Sales Benelux | Aron Kozak, Marketing Director | Wouter van de Stadt, Sales Manager Benelux