Nelfo expands its automation further with Emailbot

The Norwegian National Association, Nelfo are now automating their first-line support with both chatbot and Emailbot. Freeing up their Email-line as well saves them even more time and energy.

What does the Emailbot “Iver” do?

The name “Iver” was given based on the Norwegian word “ivrig” which means eager, as in the bot being an eager helper to his co-workers. The newly developed (or newborn, if you like) Emailbot is now responsible for replying and forwarding emails to the right recipients in the different departments of the organization. In his first week, he did over 1000 emails in training.  

Iver uses AI to perform his tasks and is continuously learning. If he sends the wrong email to the wrong recipient, he is able to receive feedback and learn from his mistake. 

Automating this handling process, Nelfo is now making their members and non-members happy for quicker responses and employees free from having to send the same responses multiple times a day. Instead, they can make default answers to the most common questions, and Iver will be automating the majority of these inquiries. 

Their goal of using the bot is to reply to all their inquiries within only 2 days, and we see no issue in this becoming a reality soon. 

Two chatbots, two purposes 

To become more available and improve online communication and service, Nelfo adds value to their members and visitors by using two different Chatbots, “Ella” and “Solveig.” The bots are made to give immediate access to information from Nelfo’s experts.

– “Ella” is for their main website to answer questions about labor law, courses, HSE, and member information.

– “Solveig” is developed to be a specialist in solar cells made for members, electricians, and potential customers.

Both of them are available in Google Play and the App Store to simplify (no pun intended) the electrician’s workday, gaining easier access to the necessary information helping them to get their job done more efficiently.

“As our members work 24/7, a chatbot is a good supplement. With a Chatbot from Simplifai, Nelfo got a solution that takes care of 24-hour communication. Simplifai gave us professional assistance on both content and solution.”

– Harald Lid, Director of Finance and Organization, Nelfo

The Simplifai Studio platform

Our platform is designed to include all of our products, Chatbot, Emailbot, and Documentbot, where we focus on a good user experience with a simplistic interface so that as a user, you won’t need any technical background to create your own Digital Employee. As being said, you can both train and monitor the bots, so you’re always in control of what’s happening and can follow the progression of the bot(s).

“I am continuously following its progress in Simplifai Studio, the mailbox, and training Iver, and everything works like a charm!”

– Amila Sehic, Controller, Nelfo 

Who is Nelfo?

Nelfo is a Norwegian national association in the Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise (NHO) that represents companies within the industries of electronics, IT, electronic communication, automation, system integration, and elevators. With approx.1900 member companies with a total of approx.26 000 FTEs, and 18 local organizations across the country.