22. September 2023
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  • FAIEMA 2023

    Simplifai is attending FAIEMA 2023 – The 1st International Conference on Frontiers of Artificial Intelligence, Ethics, and Multidisciplinary Applications.

    • Name: FAIEMA 2023
    • Date: September 25-26, 2023 
    • Place: Athens, Greece
    • AttendeeDr. Bikash Agrawal, Head of R&D

    FAIEMA serves as a venue where academics, industry leaders, policymakers, and decision-makers can exchange their latest research and insights in the rapidly changing landscape of artificial intelligence. The conference addresses the increasing demand from professionals across academia, business, industry, and the public sector to identify new opportunities in this continually evolving domain.

    From Simplifai, Head of R&D Dr. Bikash Agrawal is attending FAIEMA as part of the organizing committee and chair of the industrial track. His paper “Evolving Deep Neural Networks for Continuous Learning” will be presented at the conference. The paper introduces a novel approach to address the challenges of ‘continuous learning’ in machine learning models. Drawing from evolutionary strategies, the approach shows promise in maintaining accuracy and adapting to changing data conditions while retaining knowledge from previous tasks.

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