End of Year Reflection

Christmas is here once again, and as we are standing in front of a whole new decade, we reflect on the year(s) that have passed. And with hopes, dreams, and ambitions, we try to look and plan for what the next one will bring. Simplifai has now entered the scale-up phase and things are moving pretty fast. Co-founder Erik Leung presents our story of 2019 and our aims for the upcoming year.

2019 sure has been an exciting year, with many of our visions being implemented and delivered to our customers. It all started with our dream of building digital employees that can do so much more than just chatting. We regard customer interaction to be a widespread area, stretching from chat, to email channels and different back-office systems. 

Making the impossible possible

When I first suggested this to our customers, and our employees, I received a blank stare. It was like they thought I was crazy. There was no way they thought it realistic to deliver something as advanced as a digital employee that reads emails, attachments, and process them in the same was a human would. However, luckily, I was able to convince both the customers and employees that this is something we can, and will, succeed in doing. 

Fast forward till December, our digital employee Sødde had already been “at work” for 6 months. It produces as much as several employees combined, so that the rest of the team can spend more time on the more complex tasks. For another customer of ours, the digital employee team is so efficient that they push back the cut-off dates for salary processing. If you ask me, this has been a great success! Not only does the solution work, but it also meets the organization’s expectations when it comes to results and efficiency. 

2020 – the year of digital employees?

Looking ahead to 2020, I imagine that digital employees will be delivered on a much larger scale. Walready have customers waiting to receive their digital employee in Q1, and we have many companies in dialog with us to discuss how a digital employee can allow them to be more efficient and achieve higher quality. Based on this, we expect to see a strong trend towards automation of processes, wherein Simplifai is providing a valid option for organizations when they need to staff up to meet the growth. It is, after all, not easy to compete with other companies for resources in the job market today with such a low unemployment rate. 

As technology starts to develop, our digital employee will also be equipped with a larger skill set. Our digital employee has already mastered working within customer service, accounting, HR, and as a lawyer’s assistant. In 2020, we will make them better at what they do, and equip them with more languages (in addition to the Nordic languages we already support), to make them relevant for other European countries as well. 

As I am heading off to charge my batteries and soak up new knowledge during Christmas and New Year, I wish all of you a happy holiday. Hopefully, our digital employee will be joining your team this upcoming year.