6. November 2023
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  • Breakfast Seminar: How AI revolutionizes Customer Service

    • Title: How AI revolutionizes Customer Service
    • Date and Time: November 28, 8:30 – 10:45 AM CET
    • Place: Rebel, Oslo, Norway (Room: Elisabeth)
    • Speaker: Henrik Thomas Klemetsen, Head of Global Partnerships
    • Language: Norwegian

    About the seminar

    Complit invites to an insightful breakfast seminar on how AI is changing the rules of the game in the customer service industry and pushing us in an innovative direction. The seminar is a fantastic opportunity to explore the endless possibilities that AI brings to customer service and learn more about how AI can impact your business in the right direction.

    Simplifai will showcase how AI Automation Solutions can be leveraged to streamline processes, enhance customer experience and improve overall operational efficiency.

    It will be an exciting and educational morning, and we hope you can join us on this journey of discovery.

    Please note that the seminar is held in Norwegian.

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