A year of digital employee

One year after Simplifai’s digital employee, “Sødde” started working for Claims Link, it has revolutionized their customer service and archiving. The transformation began with Claims Link, continues to insurance and other industries in Norway, and the global market soon after.

Last week was a year since our first digital employee, Sødde, started working in Claims Link. Of course, we are proud of what we have achieved, not only because we delivered the first digital employee, but to see the results it has produced over the past 12 months.

Sødde was presented as a vision to save Claims Link’s customer service team thousands of work hours annually spent on repetitive and tedious tasks and added capacity equal to thousands more as they have a high growth ambition. One year later, Sødde had delivered on the expectation, and more. Today, Sødde works with both the customer service team to handle incoming inquiries and has taken over other roles as an assistant to lawyers, where Sødde assists in archiving all incoming and outgoing email dialogues. In the next version, Sødde will also work in the finance department to handle incoming invoices.

In one year, Sødde handled more than 56 300 inquiries, registered over 4 000 incoming cases, and archived over 70 000 emails and documents for lawyers.

We are very grateful to Claims Link for trusting Simplifai, who was a relatively new supplier but equipped with the latest technology, with a solution that seems more magical than an AI product when we first introduced it. We did our best to deliver the first digital employee to interpret email with attachments and process them in a fully automated process to Claims Link, and it was a great success.

Since then, Claims Link has been a satisfied customer who utilizes every opportunity to promote a solution that revolutionized their workday, and since then, we have gained tremendous interest in Norway and abroad. Technology giant Microsoft has understood the potential of the solution and will make it available to its customers in the US and other major markets through its platform.

Sødde has been a game-changer for Claims Link, and the digital employee will continue to be a game-changer for many customers in Norway and abroad.